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How to Skip the line tickets in Rome

How to Skip the line tickets in Rome

Some hints….

If you stay in Rome just a few days and you don’t have time to waste in endless tickets lines, you may know there is a faster way to enter the Roman Majors sites as the VATICAN MUSEUMS and  COLOSSEUM


In order to skip the line at the ticket office, you can purchase your ticket on the official website of the Vatican Museums. Full payment is requested on line (ticket price + pre-booking fee € 4,00). With your voucher go straight to the ticket office (without queueing) just 30 minutes prior the beginning of the visit you have booked online, and collect you tickets.

– entry to both Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel is included in the same ticket- admission to St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as to any other Church, is always free.


The General Audience held by the Pope takes place every Wednesday in St. Peter’s Square or inside the Paul VI Audience Hall, according to the weather conditions. It begin at 10.30 am.It is quite common on this occasion to see the Pope up close, but a ticket is required to attend the event. The ticket is totally free of charge and it is issued by the Prefecture of the Papal Household; it is necessary to pre-book it, which thing can be done by forwarding a specific request fairly in advance.The form can be downloaded from the official website:
You need to fill it up and provide the following details:- date of the General Audience- number of tickets requiered- name/group- mailing address- telephone and fax numberAfterwards you just have to print it and send it by fax to +39 06 6988 5863 (that belongs to Prefecture of the Papal Household, 00120 Vatican City State)



The tickets for the Colosseum are also valid for the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. There extist many online ticktets pages where you can buy tickets in adavance in order to skip the line, you can combine with Hop on Hop off Bus tours ord with the Roma Pass, so to make your journey even more exiting !

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A majestic cultural event will be running in the Eternal City until July 26th: Baroque in Rome a “multi-venue” exhibition which traces rise and peaks of the art movement which still marks so neatly the Roman skyline.
The event counts in fact on several venues all over the city center, each of them offering its own contribution to give vistors an idea of what Baroque age meant to Rome.
Below the complete lists of places:

  • Museum of Rome (Palazzo Braschi): exhibition; “baroque parties”
  • St. Yves at the Sapienza: thematic tour; exhibition
  • Oratorio dei Filippini: thematic tour
  • Palazzo Colonna: guided tour
  • Palazzo di Propaganda Fide: thematic tour
  • Vatican Museums, Apostolic Palace and St. Peter’s basilica: a special itinerary about Bernini & the Vatican
  • Doria Pamphilj Gallery: thematic tour
  • Capitoline Museums: itinerary across the baroque masterpieces in the
  • National Gallery of Ancient Art (Palazzo Barberini): itinerary
  • Academy of Fine Arts: conference
  • Castel Sant’Angelo: thematic exhibition on the baroque fireworks
  • Fondazione Roma Museo – Palazzo Sciarra: conferences

Not just painting masterpieces will be on display, as conferences, concerts, workshops for both kids and adults, thematic tours and many more satellite events will be part of Baroque in Rome. For more details don’t hesitate to ask our staff at Yes Hotel!


450 years since Michelangelo’s passing away. 20 years since Sistine Chapel’s complete restoration.
The Vatican commemorates these two events both occurring in 2014 introducing major innovations within one of the most admired works of art in the world: the Sistine Chapel.
A brand new lighting and air-conditioning system has been installed to guarantee the best visibility possible either in terms of hues and brightness of the frescoes. A sophisticated technique employing new video cameras will mantain constant temperature and humidity within the holy chapel, with a twofold benefit on visitors and paintings alike.
The Sistine Chapel is located within the Vatican Museums. It can be reached in a short time span by metro – line A: stay with us at Yes Hotel, we are at walking distance from the line A main station!164818738