Etruria Eco Festival 2012

9-19.8.2012 at 18.00

Etruria Eco Festival, not just music

EtruriaEcoFestival is an event, now in its sixth edition, which features musical and artistic events of national and international. The event has the ambitious goal to combine the artistic and cultural heritage through the promotion of all issues related to environmental protection and the protection of the territory.

Etruria Eco Festival is not only great music, dance and theater. This year for the first time is also 100% eco village with over 40 stands (Library, crafts, vintage clothing and eco-friendly, Tshirts, natural fabrics, ethnic products, bags, decorations, ecobigiotteria, solar cookers, systems for energy savings associations, and more cooperation). The Festival is in the beautiful park of Legnara of Cerveteri, a city of the Province of Rome.
The village is open daily at 18 and always FREE!


Here is more information about the schedule, artists and bands performing in Eco Festival

How to get there?

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Festa de’Noantri

La Festa de’Noantri in Trastevere 21.07-29.07

While fully respecting the tradition again this year in Trastevere you prepare the Festa de Noantri, with its procession and the many initiatives that will revive the traditions of Rome now disappeared. Will recreate the atmosphere dear to the Romans and tourists, banquets Among the precious handicrafts, folk music concerts, theatrical performances, the festival will have its beginning from Saturday, July 21.

Trastevere combines tradition, religion and history. The Festa de Noantri is an example of how the district enhances its culture. The places of the district, its churches and its history.

The program is in preparation of the Civil and Religious Festa de Noantri 2012 which will be presented July 18 in the Council Chamber of City Hall Old Town.

WHAT IT CELEBRATES The Feast Noantri (ie: the rest of us, as opposed to “you people who live in other districts) is celebrated in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel on the occasion of His liturgical feast, from 15 to 30 July in the Trastevere district of Rome. And undoubtedly one of the most favorite holidays of the Roman people. The origins of the festival seems to date back to 1535: in fact, that is handed down after a storm at the mouth of the Tiber was found by some fishermen a statue of the Virgin Mary carved in cedar wood.trastevere

The Lady, for this reason called Madonna Fiumarola, was then given to the Carmelites (to whom we owe the title Madonna del Carmine) of the church of San Grisogono in Trastevere (in Piazza Sonnino), became the patron saint of Trasteverini .

The statue is now in the church of St. Agatha, in the square in half on the path Lungaretta (Piazza S. Giovanni de Matha): from here every year on the Saturday after July 16 (liturgical feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel) . The nineteenth-century polychrome wooden statue of the Madonna del Carmine is carried in procession through the streets of the neighborhood to the church of San Grisogono, where it stays for eight days, before returning with another procession into church membership.

Over time, the festival was transformed to meet the needs of tourism, thus losing its popular character, but retaining its strong religious feeling.


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Aventino Estate 2012

Aventino Summer 2012: July 16.07 – 30.07
Is another music festival to fill the long nights in Rome. Every evening, after 23.00 pm, the Terrace on the Aventino (Terrazza sull’Aventino), furnished with chairs, tables and umbrellas, will become a point of comfort from which to admire the wonderful view of Rome at night.

In the garden entrance, open from 19.00, the stands will be located also contain institutional information material on the event on the institution and the host. Program yet to be determined. The event will be held between 16 and 30 July.


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