RomaEuropa Festival 2014

REF 14

Not only electronic music, experimental dance and interactive exhibitions. Until November 30th, ROMAEUROPA FESTIVAL 2014 offers you a deep immersion into the latest trends in contemporary arts throughout the works of talents from all around the world.
Historical locations such as La Pelanda (Ex Mattatoio), Accademia di Francia, Teatro Argentina, Teatro Brancaccio will be the roman stage to this two-months event.
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Rome Vintage 2012

VINTAGE 2012 ROME – Rome Vintage is a festival that celebrates the cultural production of the ’70s and ’80s. Music, TV shows, cult films and theatrical performances are held at Park St. Sebastian in Rome. A special section is dedicated to all that is made ??in Italy. An oasis of alternating plays, music, booths, food and wine. Out for a lunch with the family, the mini roof with a flag, the true 70‘s rock, the hairstyles inflated, the skirts of chess, books and journalism assault, the comics page, vinyl records. All this and not only becomes Roma Vintage!vintage

Live & Dance:For the fourth edition of the event space dedicated to the show and disco is on two levels, creating two distinct situations, but with the ability to be experienced simultaneously, with an opening that will allow the development and the vision of different shows at the same time.
One section is devoted to concerts and dance evenings sponsored by the Artists’ Club, which confirms exceptional partner for this edition of the festival and the other is intended to accommodate all parties revival Saturday 70, 80 and 90.

Eat & Drink: The culinary side of the village is represented by restaurants, bistros and bars points. Inside the restaurant, The Sea of ??Rome, you can taste typical dishes of fish, which tradition has always been handed down with love and wit.
The hotel offers a pubsandwich shop, restaurants, Dolce Kosher Jewish cuisine with its Jewish, Little India (Indian cuisine), Red House (home cooking and bio km zero), the Bistro‘s Kino.
Sport Area:On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 19.30 to 21:30, at the sports area set up inside the village in collaboration with CSAIN Lazio, you can practice many sports activities: Step, Aerobics, Gym Music, business-to-hand free. Furthermore, in collaboration with Rome Fight Team, Fiscam, Bold Boxing, Indomitable boxing lessons, prepugilistica, Thai boxing, K-1 Rules, and self defense for women.
Cinema Area:Every evening, by the Kino screenings, meetings, early Italian and foreign films undue or not seen. Since no one lives only cinema, the Kino has moved in the open area also his bistro, depending on every night from 20 midnight (and up to 2-3 for those who want to keep drinking). Each evening of dining always overseen by the new chef Marco Tombolini and his team.
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