Concerts in Rome

Villa Borghese and the “Temple of Asclepius”

One of the must visit places in Rome that combines nature, pleasure, history and physical excercise. You can spent a lot of hours walking, drinking coffee etc. You can ride your bike and enjoy! The Villa is a great place to cycle around and the cafe’s are definitely worth stopping at while taking in the scenery. It’d also be a great place for a picnic, however, there’s not a whole lot else to keep you entertained. It’s only a short walk from the Spagna metro station and the Spanish Steps though so it’s definitely worth stopping at if you’re in the area.

The lake is circled by the walking path “Viale del Lago,” but you won’t be able to miss the centerpiece – “Temple of Asclepius.” Asclepius  was the Greek god of medicine and healing – exactly what your legs will need after all this time exploring Rome & Italy!IMG_6694

From Piazza del Popolo ­- The wide open Piazza is very popular with Romans as well as tourists, for its beautiful statuary and Egyptian obelisk. To the east of the Piazza is the massive Borghese Gardens, a quiet green spot among the big city hustle and bustle. This park is great for strolling, jogging, etc, and I believe you can rent a bicycle to ride around on. On the east side of the park is the most excellent Villa Borghese, a prime site to view art, especially, in my opinion, sculpture. There is no lack of magnificent art in Rome, but don’t miss this place.

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Leonard Cohen in Rome


There are few singers as talented and enigmatic as Leonard Cohen and whose work keeps eliciting so much interest after a career that spans more tha 40 years.

Mr Cohen was already an accomplished poet when his first record, The Songs of Leonard Cohen, saw the light in 1967 and indeed his attitudes towards art and fame are more those of a writer or a mystic poet that those of a rockstar. A New Yorker’s recent review of one of his performances portrayed him as an elder sage, not singing but uttering words with a voice that told itself stories through timbre and emphasys only.

mr Cohen will be performing at the Centrale Live Foro Italico July 7, 2013 at 21:00 PM. To get there from Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes,  take the Bus 910 from the station Termini and get off at the stop ” LGT THAON DI REVEL/FORO ITALICO”; then follow this map.

The Legendary Dire Straits In Concert

Dire Straits in concert at The Place July 24, 2012 at 22.00
Pick Whiters, Phil Palmer Mel Collins and Dire Straits will meet on July 24 on the stage, after almost 20 years since the breakup of the band. The musicians will offer a resounding concept show” between original sounds and acoustic atmospheres, playing their songs that made rock history with the same energy and the same intensity when they were conceived.

The formation of Dire Straits Legends – the name of the project will then pick the battery Whiters, founder of Dire Straits with his brothers Knopfler and bassist John Illsley in 1977, Phil Palmer on guitar will be in Dire Straits between 1991 and 1995, among the most popular guitarists of all time on the international scene (Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan), the wind will be the famous Mel Collins, flutist and saxophonist who has accompanied the band to the success of “Brothers in Arms , formerly of King Crimson and musician of Caravan, the Alan Parsons Project, The Rolling Stones and several other world-famous names. The training will be supplemented by three Italian musicians: Marco Caviglia, guitar and vocals, Primiano Di Biase, piano and Maurizio Meo, bass. direstraits

TICKETS 25€ concert at 22.00

DINNER + CONCERT 100€ RESERVATIONS AND INFORMATION CALL I Dire Straits in concerto al The Place il 24 luglio 2012
392/9594568 OR 06/68307137


Yes Hotel Rome – Via Magenta, 15 – 00185 Rome, Italy
Tel : +39 06 44363836 Fax : + 39 06 44363829

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Tony Bennett in concert at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome

Date: 15/07/2012

Address: Viale Pietro de Coubertin, 15. Rome

Tel: +39.06802411

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The Magic of a living legend lighting the spark for a romantic fire that will put the old Rome in flames next July.


Dean Martin, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra and many others sending his blessings from the musical heaven for Tony Bennett,  this 86 years old gentleman that keeps his soul here on Earth just for our ears and hearts delight.


With a life that has known its ups and downs: periods of glory and years when success was only a shadow ghost, Tony has walked both ways and has much to tell about human emotions.


Rome is wonderful anytime of the year and in July the City  has the charming of unforgettable evenings under the splendor of its Moon and the spirits of an ever present mythical past.


If you need info about where to stay in Rome, check our offers or contact us at or


So be ready for this appointment with Tony Bennett because this does not happen everyday. The right place, the right time for a performance that will put you in a world made of sound, beauty and love. A world that we all deserve. So see you there my friends!



Classical music and wine at Castel Sant’Angelo

musicDuring this season in rome there will be concerts held in front of the beautiful Castel Sant’Angelo. The event is hosted by the Methodist church of Ponte Sant’Angelo.

It runs until the 16th of October every Friday and Saturday at 7 and every Sunday at 9. It includes concerts for solo piano, for duo, trio or quartet with violin, cello, flute, clarinet, harp and of course singers.You will truly be impressed and entranced by the masterful melodies in this intimate environment. Go here to check the full program.  To get there from Yes Hotel just take the bus 40 from Termini for 6 stops and get off at “Ponte Vittorio Emanuele”.ponte_sant_angelo

They even offer a glass of tuscan white wine after every performance, so everything is set for a perfect romantic evening. Hope you enjoy!

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Negramaro to hit the Roman stages

-The hugely popular rock band Negramaro is ready to hit the Italian sadiums with the themes from their new album “Casa 69″.


A few weeks before the release of  “Casa 69″, the new album debuted atop the sales charts, legendary Italian rock band Negramaro announce that they are ready to go live on stage and play their new songs in front of their many fans.
Since their debut in 2003 Negramaro have emerged to public attention thanks to their incendiary live shows, not surprisingly they have been the first Italian band to perform at the San Siro stadium, the legendary temple of football (and rock). We are confident that sooner or later will want to replicate the experience.


The Negramaro casa 69 tour has yet to start and promises to be already a great success, the band is gearing up to perform in major stadiums in Italy, the return of the band live is awaited, so that you add a third date in the capital , the three Negramaro Roman dates will take place at the Palalottomatica arena on March 10, 11 and 12. “Casa 69″, the fifth studio album of the group debuted a top the sales charts and remains stable in the top five best sellers of the week.

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Concert : The Cranberries in Rome

The Cranberries are to be again on the main stage of  international live tours : Rome will welcome them at the Ippodromo delle Capannelle as part of the event Rock in Roma for a huge concert on 5th July 2010 singing their greatest hits and some new songs too !
The Cranberries The band is an Irish pop-rock group born in 1990s.
Noel and Mike Hogan, two brothers from Limerick , formed the band with drummer Fergal Patrick Lawler in 1990. Dolores O’Riordan won the audition to become the vocalist singing  the song “Linger”.
The band was originally called The Cranberry Saw Us, a pun that makes the verse to “Cranberry Sauce”.
Their demo sold well locally, so they recorded new songs and signed to major label Island Records. Their first piece was a flop. But then, with the advent of Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can not We? the group’s success grew unabated. The second single, Linger, immediately became a big hit in Britain and the United States . The single Dreams then followed the success of the first songs and shortly after the group became one of the most famous and later used by television (advertising, television, etc.).
In 1994, O’Riordan married Don Burton, the band’s manager. O’Riordan status caused tensions within the group during the recording of No Need to Argue, a new success that includes the famous Zombie (violence in Northern Ireland ) and Ode to My Family. The success of this album is a contributory factor which subsequently grew many British bands like Oasis, Radiohead, Blur and Placebo.

After a period of separation that lasted seven years in which team members have dedicated themselves to their individual projects, Dolores O’Riordan, Noel Hogan, Fergal Lawler Mike Hogan have decided to return to perform together and plan the future of the group planning a tour and announcing going back into the studio soon to record new songs.

More about the Cranberries in Rome

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And for your stay in Rome, book a good and central hotel in Rome not far from the Rome Cappannelle.

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Florence and the Machine Visits Rome

-After a long internal struggle Ilaria brings you the nuts and bolts of the upcoming visit of the new British pop sensation, Florence and the Machine.

Our Blogger: Ilaria

florence-and-the-machineOne of the events more expected this summer in Rome is the concert of a talented and sensual English singer: her name is Florence Welch, playing with her band, “the machine”, she’s already been defined as heiress of Kate Bush, Siouxsie e Pj Harvey and very soon she has became the pop diva more appreciated and cuddled on the English stage , climbing the charts of half the world and conquering the Italian radios too with the single  You’ve got the love.

After staying at the very first position on the English charts and winning the  Brit Awards with the album  Lungs, there are rumors about a  collaboration of her with Thom York , the singer of Radiohead.

HThe band’s debut album is a very original work that doesn’t betray the best English tradition, being able anyway to  go beyond the definition of independent rock . This album was made inside a debunked synagogue with the help of  two among the most sought-after producers   : James Ford (already working for Klaxons and Arctic Monkeys) and Paul Epworth (Bloc Party).

When Florence was very young at school she was a “peculiar character”  who used to read Poe and Jack The Ripper, to listen to the Velvet Underground and make gothic drawings  ( so that her mates used to define her as “macabre” ) : a teenager’s past a little bit dark transformed into an absolutely bright present; Florence says “ I love singing, I love dancing, I love playing the drums. The fact that someone pays me for doing it, well is just incredible”.

Florence has also been chosen by the Blur to open their concert in London and Manchester in June 2009. The band’s Roman concert will take place at the Auditorium Parco Della Musica, located only a short bus trip away from Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes.

In Short

When: July 22nd, 2010

Where: Auditorium Parco Della Musica, Viale Pierre De Coubertin, Rome

How to get there: From Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes,go to the Termini station and take the bus 910 or M (available only the days on which concerts take place)
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First May concert in Rome

Our blogger: Raul


The first of may concert is already a tradition in Rome. Every year on this day some of the most famous singers and rock bands in Italy are summoned to the square of Saint John in the Lateran to play to an enthusiastic crowd.

The event, originally planned as a celebration of the workers’ day, is so popular that many people come from towns all over Italy to enjoy a day of music and sight-seeing in the Eternal City. If you want to get a taste of good Italian music and some of the fun that comes with an open-air event like this one, this is your best bet.

vinicio-caposselaThis year the featured artist will be Vinicio Capossela, a cult singer well-known in Italy for his strange looks and his re-imagination of Italian folklore. Another interesting names in the cast are Paolo Nutini and Irene Grandi and Carmen Consoli, two great musicians and songwriters. By the way, this year the host of the concert will be a woman for the first time, almosT a hommage to the growing urgence of Italian women to create and participate in all aspects of life.

To get to Saint John’s sqare from Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes: all you have to do is take the red subway line from the Termini station and then get off at San Giovanni. Since some hours before the concert the station is closed, due to the great affluence of attendants you might need to get off one station before, at Manzoni, and then get walking to Saint John’s.

Malika Ayane’s Italian soul in concert in Rome

Our Blogger: Rhodora

-Rhodora introduces you to Malika who will be performing soon in Rome; we hope she surprises you as se has surprised us all in Italy.

malika-ayane1Malika Ayane was born in Milan in 1984 to a Moroccan father and an Italian mother.

In 2006 Ferdinand Arnò decides to use her voice for Time Thief, music composed by himself  for the DTC advertising campaign, which begins in a symbiotic partnership, which in 2007 brings to Soul Waver, soundtrack to Saab’s advertising. Another television spot where we can find one of her songs is that of Barilla in 2009, whith its instrumental rendition of  I giardini dei salici.

The first single from the album is Feeling Better, that becomes a hit radio and allows Malika to  gain recognition all over the country.
In 2007, the singer meets Caterina Caselli that immediately sees in her an artist with an original style:  fresh and spicy.

Malika began working on his first recording project, released in the autumn of 2008 and is titled Malika Ayane. The first single from the album, Feeling Better, becomes immediatly a radio hit.

On 2009  Malika partecipates to the Sanremo Festival with Come Foglie (As tree leaves , lyrics and music by Giuliano Sangiorgi one the greatest Italian signers and part of the band Negaramaro) produced and arranged by Ferdinand Arnò.

On wesnesday 28th april 2010 at 9.00 p.m, Malika Ayane will meet her fans to treat them with her special brand of pop-soul on a concert at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, one of the finest music venues in Rome .

The auditorium is located only minutes away (with a bus) from Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel, the choice for all those trying to live Rome to its fullest!