dcbe5488c128bea712611503a38a578f_368854 Thanks to the initiative  #DomenicalMuseo over 480 museums, archaeological sites and monuments throughout Italy will be free for citizens and tourists

So next Epiphany in Rome will be an opportunity to discover more about art and history

Like every  first Sunday of the month, entrancy to galleries, archaeological excavations and mouments will be FREE. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit  the Colosseum Archaeological Park, the Baths of Caracalla, the Pantheon, Villa di Livia and the Ostia Antica Archaeological Park.

If you prefer doing something else, the Eternal city offers plenty of fun events. You can walk through the winter market of Piazza Navona,

You can attend the folkloristic  historical procession in  San Pietro Square  , where 1400 people in ancient costumes will parade in Via della Conciliazione and bring traditional symbolic gifts to Pope Francis,  following  tradition of the Three Wise Men

If you are looking for more ideas , our staff will provide you even more information !

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Public Transportation in Rome from Christmas to New Year’s Day

Public Transportation in Rome from Christmas to New Year’s Day

Here we are to give you some infos on metro, bus and railway transportation during the upcoming holidays.

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On Christmas Eve, the public service will stop for a few hours but it will be extraordinary prolonged  in the afternoon of December 25th so to ensure as much as possible the use of public  transportation to Romans and tourists during their holidays .

On the day of 24 December the service will end at 9 pm.

On December 25, the public service will be active from 8.30 am  to 1.00 pm and then again  from 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

On New Year’s Eve, the underground:  A,  B / B1  and C lines will be in service continuously from 5.30 am on 31 December 2018 to 3.30 am on January 1st 2019

On January the 1st, metro and busses  service  will start at 8.00 am and will proceed as usual on working days !

Yes Hotel Rome is in Termini area , the very best base form where  you can move around the city during the christmas holidays.

You can catch metro line A and  in  few stops you arrive  in the center of Rome ( Piazza di Spagna) or to the Vatican City ( get off at Ottaviano ).

You can also catch metro line B that takes you to Coliseum and  the fascinating atmosphere of the Roman Forum !


A must-see : the Christmas Market of Piazza Navona

A must-see : the Christmas Market of Piazza Navona

The Christmas countdown has begun:  just 3 weeks left !

The good news is that finally , after 3 years, the classical   Christmas Market of  Piazza Navona  has reopened  December 2nd, and will last until January 6th.

You can’t miss it. It represents the Christmas spirit in Rome and you will find handmade  gadgets ,  little ideas  for Christmas gifts, decorations, clothes and any kind of sweets!

Once Piazza Navona was the  site of the local market, but in the middle of the 19th century  this last  was moved to Campo de’ Fiori,  and that of Piazza Navona became the ultimate  Christmas Market in Rome!



How to reach it from Yes Hotel Rome ?

Very easily ! Just walk to the Termini  Station and from there take Bus Number 64 or Bus Number 40.

Stop at Vittorio Emanuele/ Argentina. Just a  few minutes’ walk and you have  arrived !

Our staff will give you even more  tips , we wait for you !

It’s the Befana day!

Our Blogger: Ilaria

Ilaria, born and bred Venetian, introduces us to this peculiar Italian tradition.


Children are fascinated and a little bit frightened by this enigmatic, funny eerie character whose   existence sink its roots into the ground of paganism.

In days of yore , on the twelfth night after the Christmas day (the 25th of December), day of the winter solstice, people used to celebrate death and rebirth of nature through the pagan figure of “ Mother Nature”.

The night of the 6th of January , tired tired after spending all her energy during the year, she appeared in the shape of an old and benevolent witch  who flew through the sky on a broom giving away gifts and candy to everybody. By now completely dried, Mother Nature was ready to be burned like a branch , to be able to born again from her own ashes as youthful Nature.

Like others traditions in Italy ( Christmas itself for example) the originary pagan meaning of epiphany (term deriving from greek that means “manifestation”, “appearance” , implied of divinity , used from the Christian tradition to nominate the first Jesus Christ’s manifestation) has been modified during years becoming as we know nowadays. In Italian, the name “epifania” (- epiphany ) itself transformed into “bifanìa” and than again into “befanìa” , the word then changed  once and for all into “befana”, and designates now  the old benevolent witch .glittertropical

The “befana” is still pictured as the old mother natured described above, and in the rural tradition people used to prepare a puppet with her shape and burn it the night between the 5th and the 6th of January as a rite of purification ( the Italian movie of 1973 “Amarcord” by Federico Fellini shows this rite in the first scene ).

So if you’re walking through fancy open-markets during Xmas time, don’t be astonished to see many little puppets shaped as an old smiling witch on a broom..

CoalAnthraciteYou’ll also see a lot of colourful Christmas socks : according to the tradition children must hang them on a wall so that they can be filled with candies, chocolate or toys by the Befana. Children must be careful anyway: if they haven’t been good boys during the year, the “befana” will bring them peaces of coa insteadl!

This festivity is the last afterNew year’s day, that’s why here we call “epiphany” the festivity that all festivities takes away : “ L’epifania tutte le feste porta via”.

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