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Public Transportation in Rome from Christmas to New Year’s Day

Public Transportation in Rome from Christmas to New Year’s Day

Here we are to give you some infos on metro, bus and railway transportation during the upcoming holidays.

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On Christmas Eve, the public service will stop for a few hours but it will be extraordinary prolonged  in the afternoon of December 25th so to ensure as much as possible the use of public  transportation to Romans and tourists during their holidays .

On the day of 24 December the service will end at 9 pm.

On December 25, the public service will be active from 8.30 am  to 1.00 pm and then again  from 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

On New Year’s Eve, the underground:  A,  B / B1  and C lines will be in service continuously from 5.30 am on 31 December 2018 to 3.30 am on January 1st 2019

On January the 1st, metro and busses  service  will start at 8.00 am and will proceed as usual on working days !

Yes Hotel Rome is in Termini area , the very best base form where  you can move around the city during the christmas holidays.

You can catch metro line A and  in  few stops you arrive  in the center of Rome ( Piazza di Spagna) or to the Vatican City ( get off at Ottaviano ).

You can also catch metro line B that takes you to Coliseum and  the fascinating atmosphere of the Roman Forum !




Pope Francis recently patronized the biggest Christmas tree in the world by turning on its lights. The tree is located in Gubbio, a lovely medieval town in central Italy, just 200 km away from Rome. The Pope could turn the lights on from His studio in the Vatican thanks to a tablet connected to the tree electric system in Gubbio; on the other side, the town’s inhabitants could see Him clicking the bottom through a public maxi screen.
Gubbio’s Christmas tree is erected on the ridge of Mount Ingino, and due to its size is included in the Guinness World Records since 1991. It is made of 550 light spots (300 green, 250 colored), 8500 m electric cables, 650 m high, topped by a comet 1000 m² wide. It will be kept enlightened until first half of January 2015.
Yes Hotel is at walking distance from Termini station: from here you can easily catch any local train for your daily trips outside Rome… even to Gubbio!