Castel Sant’Angelo: a medieval fortress in Rome city center

Castel Sant'Angelo in RomeNo great city could be complete without a castle. Rome has one too. Like everything else in Rome Castel Sant’Angelo has a long and varied history.

Originally built by Hadrian from 135 to 139 as a tomb for himself and his family. This then became a traditional burial place for the emperors of Rome. The last emperor recorded being interred here was Caracalla in 212.

In 401 it was then converted into a fortress and sadly, this and the two sackings of Rome, by the Visigoths in 410 and the Goths in 537, caused much of the tomb contents and decorative structure to be destroyed.

The popes then converted the fortress into a castle. Pope Nicholas the 3rd then had the Passetto di Borgo built. This was a fortified passage to the castle from the Vatican. The castle was also used as a prison and executions were also carried out on its premises.

The reason that the castle has its name is that legend says that an anCastel Sant'Angelogel, Saint Michael, appeared to Pope Gregory on top and sheathed his sword as a sign that the plague had ended in Rome. A stone statue was then built on top of the castle but was later replaced by a bronze one.

The museum also houses many works of art and is also home to the Museo Nazionale Militare. The location of the castle is central and it’s easy to reach: if you’re staying for example at our favourite hotels Yes Hotel or Nice Hotel near the Termini station, you can just take the A line of the metro from the station and get of at Lepanto. Also the following buses, that go to Lungotevere Castello, take to to walking distance of the castle: 23 (from Piramide station metro B), 64 (from Termini), 87, 280. The tickets for the museum can also be reserved on line.

Another impressive structure located close to the castle is the Ponte Sant’ Angelo. It used to be the bridge used by pilgrims to get to Saint Peters. The most spectacular thing about this bridge are the sculptures of the ten angels that adorn it. They were designed by Bernini and each is a representation of the Passion of Christ.

The bridge also had another more macabre use. The bridge was also used for a long time to display the bodies of executed prisoners.

Combined history Rome

Costantine Arch

You may be overwhelmed by the list of things to see in Rome. Fortunately, the Yes Hotel Rome is located close to the historical centre. This enables you to explore the city in a more historically sequential order. You can start by taking a leisurely walk down to the Colosseum. From there you are virtually a stone throw away from the Roman Forum and the Trajan Market. The Arch Of Constantine and the Circus Maximus is also nearby.


When you start to explore the outskirts of the city you then encounter a “younger� Rome. Think of the Mussolini building in the business district of the Eur. The styles of architecture change from Renaissance to Gothic and Baroque. Statues are visible everywhere and Bernini’s fountains are also in abundance. There are many churches dating from these periods that display works of the masters such as Michelangelo, Leonardo,Raphael and Caravaggio to name but a few. There are also many museums that have other great works of art on display and these are located in numerous locations throughout the city. And if you want to make the most of the museums at discounted rates then you should consider purchasing the Roma Pass.

Il Vittoriano

Another interesting place to visit is the Vittoriano monument. Located in Piazza Venezia, it also houses the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier and the Museum Of The Risorgimento, which has the historical exploits of Garibaldi and the other Italians that unified Italy into the country that it is today, on display.
Rome has many different types of history. Military, religious ,architectural ,art and economical. These all tie in with each other and are visible from Classical, Medieval to Renaissance and just about any other periods that exist. There is a piece of history for everyone in Rome. Whether you love the history of epic battles, the subtleties of politics or the more gentile pursuits of art.

The American Embassy in Rome

american-ambassador-ronald-spogli.bmpSo you came to Rome to see the city where your great grandfather was born and to visit a few cousins and the rest of the family. You are enjoying your stay so much that you have decided to stay longer.

Well now you have to find out how to do it and where you have to go. A very useful place of course would be the American embassy. Located on Vittorio Veneto 121, a street made famous by the director Federico Fellini, who used this street in many of his films. For contact information also see here.

The embassy could not be in a more perfect location. The beautiful parks of the Villa Borghese are nearby, as is Piazza Di Spagna (Spanish steps), Piazza Del Popolo and the shopping street Via Del Corso. You could turn your trip to the embassy into a wonderful walk. Exploring all the sites that Rome has to offer.

A couple of pointers before you go off to your embassy for that important appointment. No bags, suitcases or any kind of backpacks are allowed in the embassy under any circumstances. That however won’t be a problem because they can be left at the hotel anyway so you don’t have to worry about that. The best place to stay, should you have any business to take care of at the embassy, would of course be the bed&breakfast De Cappuccini just around the corner!

Take all the necessary paperwork and documents with you because the embassy is only open from 8:30 till 12:30 weekdays for U.S. Citizen Services. You don’t want to have to miss your appointment because of a piece of paper. The services that the embassy offers are also very good they have lists of English speaking professionals in Rome that can offer their services.

The following services offered in English are: doctors and hospitals, lawyers and notaries, tax consultants and official translators.

If you decide, however, that a Roman holiday is enough for your and you don’t necessarily want to live in rome, try booking your accomodation in the sofisticated new Yes Hotel near the Termini station.

Precautions in Rome

Ponte Sant'Angelo

As with most big cities there are certain precautions which must be taken. In Rome, the major problem is petty theft. Most notable are the numerous incidents of pick pocketing especially in central Rome. As per usual the tourists are the targets.

The main hot spots for such activity will usually be the heavily tourist trafficked areas but the other places where close attention should be paid is at Termini station and on the metro and the buses which run from Termini station.

Termini Station

This central area attracts lots of people and is easy reach. Yes Hotel Rome is located in the Termini area in walking distance from major sights and close to the American Embassy and British Embassy.

If you have a money belt, use it. If you don’t have a money belt get one. Make sure that you leave any valuables and necessities in the safes provided by the hotel. Leave just enough euros in your pocket for the odd ice cream or pizza. Keep the rest in your money belt. Wear jackets with pockets on the front of them and do not keep anything in your back pockets, especially your pants.


Don’t take anything with you like passports or credit cards unless you are specifically doing something that involves using them, such as shopping. You will not know something has been taken until you need it. These thieves are really good and know what they are doing.

Plan ahead and decide where you are going to keep your various belongings. Be aware of the crowds and where your things are and you will be fine. You don’t want the hassle and the worry of losing your belongings to spoil your holiday. Robbery is a widespread plague in all major cities all over the world and only the few unlucky have the misfortune to go through this.

Leaders of Rome, good and bad



Rome has had many great and famous leaders and a few bad ones too, throughout her history. The city or rather the Roman Empire has left many traces of her former glory all over the world but none so more concentrated than in the city that started it all.

Men such as Julius Caesar, Octavian, Vespasian and Constantine to name a few of the good and insane madmen, like Nero and Caligula, have all left their mark.

VespasianConstantinThey were the builders, politicians, statesmen and generals that influenced the course of history of the empire and built glorious buildings and monuments to honour their predecessors and their own achievements. Many of these buildings and historical sites can still be seen today and are very easily reached from the Yes Hotel in Rome. The Colosseum is just a short walk down the road. The baths of Diocletian are also in the vicinity.

Statues of these famous men can be seen lining the Via Dei Fori Imperiali which runs along the Roman Forum and Trajans Market.

All these places are conveniently located within walking distance of the My-Hotel-Rome and each other. When you have finally finished your day of site seeing there could be nothing better than relaxing on the roof terrace, having a chat about what you have seen and planning your adventure for the next day.

Hints and Tips

Tipical Roman fountain

When in Rome do as the Romans do. Yes, you can drink from the fountains, the water is quite safe. It is very fresh and comes from the original aqueducts built to supply the ancient city. So grab a bottle and fill it up when you see a fountain. You can find them almost everywhere.

Fountain of romeIf you want to find a nice local place to eat then steer clear of the really touristy areas in Rome if you are on a budget. You don’t have to go to far down the little alleys and you will find many Rome-restaurants. Go where you don’t hear any English spoken and where you see no “menu turistico� signs. Alternatively you can go grab some take away from a pizza bar if you don’t want to sit down. Don’t worry if the place doesn’t look ultra modern and the décor is not up to scratch. Remember you are there to eat, drink and be merry. Who cares what the place looks like. As long as the food is good and the price is reasonable.Walk in Rome

Another thing that you can do is walk. If you have enough time and are in the city for a few days then there is no better way to see the city. It will also help you work up a good appetite something which can easily be satisfied in Rome. All that remains is to find the perfect accommodation to complete your stay here in the city, Yes hotel is a reputable 3 star hotel in the heart of Rome. The quality and prices are unbeatable so check our their online availability and price checker to get planning your roman holiday today.

A must do in Rome


A great idea for spending a day in Rome is to try an ice cream (gelato) from as many gelaterias in Rome that you can. The best and most extraordinary flavour in my opinion is pistacchio which you can find in my favorite ice cream parloir San Crispino, close to the Spanish steps and our B&B Jonella. Bright green in colour and not hard to miss amongst the myriad of flavours available. Eating ice cream is also really convenient because you can always walk around and search for the next gelateria or look at some of the most breath taking scenery you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Cono Ice cream is available in cones or cups. If you are not a fast eater and are prone to ice cream headaches then a cup is definitely advisable. There is definitely a flavour to cater for every taste and you wont find ice cream like this anywhere else in the world. You can also have chocolate sauce, cream and a wafer added to your ice cream. So this can be a meal all on its own. It is fresh, creamy, without preservatives and is made on the premises.

Go on give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

Things to do in Rome in the New Year – Winter Breaks

Rome is notorious for it’s outdoor bars and eating ‘al fresco’ and for this reason travellers tend to visit the city during the warmer months but the winter in Rome is not to be overlooked. Often a winter break can be just as appealing and with the great offers that can be found just after the New Year, it would make a perfect late Christmas present. The months of January and February are especially convenient for a roman holiday and accommodation in rome can easily be found at great rates that your wallet is sure to approve of!
Yes Hotel in Rome is happy to offer it’s immaculate rooms at wonderful prices and with it’s international staff and warm colours and modern conveniences you will be sure to have a wonderful time. Opening in the New Year of 2007 guests can be sure to find a 3 star hotel that is a cut above the rest so contact Yes Hotel today to check out availability and rates today.

What is the weather like at this time of year?

The winter months are mild and the roman sunshine is never far away! This makes Rome tourist friendly pretty much all year round, although if you don’t like the heat then July and August are to be avoided. January and February has a brisk coolness and temperatures can fall on average to around 5 degrees minimum but although fresh, days are usually bright, and rain is usually kept to a minimum.

What is there to do during the New Year of 2007?

Ne Year in RomeThe weather may not be so inviting that you feel like sitting out for an evening meal but many establishments have heated lamps allowing you to enjoy the ‘Al Fresco’ dining even during the winter months. And failing this the character and charm of many of the restaurants makes it a far more enjoyable experience dining inside, and during the summer months you would probably not feel much like tasting the thick hot chocolate with whipped cream that can be found in most roman bars!

Shopping in RomeShopping in Rome. A real treat is to feast your eyes upon the famous Via Condotti and Via Frattina that are home to some of the most trendy and expensive boutiques in the world. With a saving on rome accommodation at Yes Hotel maybe you could even treat yourself! Italy is renowned for it’s great fashion sense and the above mentioned streets are classic examples of most elite shops possible – even if you are just looking the likes of Gucci and Prada are definitely worth a visit. For more affordable Italian fashion the nearby Via Del Corso is a shopaholics paradise.
For those looking to avoid the commercial world, Rome has plenty more going on and you will find art exhibitions also running in this period…..

January 23rd 2007 thru March 6th 2007 hosts the exhibition of Annibale Carracci and brings together a collection of the very finest in Italian renaissance. The exhibition is located at the ‘Chiostro del Bramante’, a cloister built in 1504 adding to the ambience of this stunning show piece of art work. (closed on Mondays)

Currently running until 4th February 2007 is the exhibition of Bonnard, Matisse and the Mediteranean show casing 250 pieces of art demonstrating te friendly relationship to be found between these two artistes. Located near to the roman forum in the ‘Complesso del Vittoriano’ this exhibition can be appreciated by art lovers and none alike and is definitely worth a visit.

BefanaFor visitors in early January the Christmas market is not to be missed. In Italy ‘La Befana’ is celebrated on the 6th January, and the tradition goes that the children will receive from the witch a lump of coal if they have been naughty or sweets if they have been good! Piazza Navona celebrates in style with a beautiful Christmas market where an array of witches can be purchased in all shapes and sizes!
All that remains is to book your accommodation for an early winter break in the eternal city, a sure remedy for the post festive depression! Contact Yes Hotel today for their best rates and celebrate with them their new opening in early 2007.

Valentine’s Day – Weekend Breaks in Rome and romantic accommodation.

Valentine's Day in Rome

Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2007, the day for those in love! There is no better way than saying those 3 magic words ‘I love you’ than with a trip away to the eternal city, one of the most romantic cities in Europe. With it’s array of fountains and picturesque piazzas Rome really does have a lot to offer all of those couples looking for the ideal break away.
Italy is the great home of many a great lover including the likes of Casanova and Rome and Juliet, and forming the wonderful backdrop for Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck’ Roman Holiday,with the Italian charm and ambience your Valentine’s Day is sure to be unforgettable…Not convinced ? read more and what you and your loved one can enjoy with a stay in the capital of romanticism.
So what does Rome have to offer that makes it so fascinating and romantic ?

Valentine's Day 2007The eternal city is a goldmine of churches with St. Peters being certainly the most renowned. Located in the Vatican city the church holds an astounding number of pieces of artwork and frescoes. The size and space is astounding, great artists include Bernini and Michelangelo and their work is proudly displayed throughout the church including the famous ‘La Pieta’ by Michelangelo. A trip to the Vatican city would not be complete without visiting the great Vatican museums and the dome itself (not for vertigo sufferers) from where the entire of Rome unfolds before your very eyes….. It really doesn’t get more romantic than that!

Spanish Steps – The gathering spot for the most beautiful people of Rome. Men and women often frequented this area hoping to be chosen as an artists model. Although times have changed this area has remained a famous meeting point and often the stairs are covered in people meeting up and soaking up the wonderful atmosphere that is the Spanish Steps. For a real treat why not try the Babbington tea rooms for a relaxing afternoon or the famous Cafè Greco on Vie Del Condotti to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Whatever your choice this area is especially romantic during the easter months when the stairs are completely covered in the most vibrant flowers possible.

It is recommended that your love be sealed at the Trevi Fountain, a marvellous fountain of immense dimensions it is highly recommended to visit it after sunset whereby you will find this wonderful piece of renaissance art illuminated. As tradition goes a coin must be thrown into the fountain to ensure your return to Rome – maybe for your next anniversary! Or why not consider this a place fitting for that special proposal, it certainly makes the ideal backdrop! Don’t forget that you must throu 2 coins to fall in love and 3 to be married in the eternal city……..

Getting married in the eternal city is also a wonderful idea and perfect for those wedding album snaps! You will be spoilt for choice with Rome housing some of the most beautiful curches worldwide or you may even opt for a civil service at the stunning Campidoglio with spectacular views of the Roman Forum. Yes Hotel would be pleased to accommodate you and your wedding party so contact us today for more information on how you can make your dream come true.
St. Valentine’s Day – The history of the this special day

Valentine's Day in Yes Hotel in RomeWhen one thinks of Valentine’s Day images of flowers, candy and chocolate spring to mind, but for what reason? There is a great deal of mystery surrounding this special day. Many a legend has been formed with probably the most prominent explaining that during the third century a priest by the name of Valentine who was sentenced to death having defied the regulations of Emperor Claudius who forbid all young men to marry (believing that a young man made a better soldier if he were not married!) Priest Valentine continued to perform the sacred act of marriage in secret and paid for his defiance in the worst possible way. However this is just one legend and although with precision we do not know the exact account we do know that the patron saint of Valentine’s Day was a heroic figure and the perfect icon for this romantic day.

Valentine’s Day is a special celebration and what better way to celebrate than with the perfect destination and accommodation in rome city centre. Yes Hotel is a brand new hotel that offers a real romantic getaway in the city of love. Rooms have rich fabrics, soft lighting and are all completely new. This 3 star hotel in central rome has the added bonus of offering romantic accommodation at an exceptionally reasonable price, allowing you money to spend on special meals in local trattoria’s and restaurants. So why not contact Yes Hotel today to check their special offers for your trip, they would be more than happy to place a complimentary bottle of bubbly in your room to begin what is sure to be a fantastic break away.

Rugby In Rome – 6 nations tournament 2007

Rome is proud to host 3 matches in 2007 for the tournament 6 nations and as always it will surely prove to be a big success every time with fans flocking to the eternal city to participate in this highly enjoyable spectators sport.

RugbyWhat better way to enjoy the rugby than combining it with a fabulous weekend in the beautiful city of Rome. With so much to do you are guaranteed a fun packed time. Rome has plenty to offer for tourists and you may ask yourself if you have time to go to the rugby as well! Must do sights on the check list include the Vatican City boasting the largest catholic church and the famous Vatican museums with the splendid Sistine chapel, stop for an ice-cream at the Spanish Steps and don’t forget to throw a penny into the fountain of the Trevi to ensure that you will indeed return to this mesmerising city so steeped in art and history but very cosmopolitan at the same time. Rome is the perfect setting for your Rugby excursion and all that remains is to find the perfect rome accommodation for your trip…… Yes Hotel Rome is brand new, recently opened and offering the highest level of comfort and quality at a price that can’t be beaten. Located in the city centre Yes Hotel could not be better situated, close to the station area for easy access to and from airports as well as all the transport links to every corner of the city Yes Hotel is the perfect base. Rooms are warm and inviting and boast plasma televisions to ensure your comfort. Yes Hotel Rome looks forward to welcoming Rugby fans to Rome, so check online today for great rates for your rome city centre accommodation.


Matches are played at the Stadium Flaminio located in the north of the city centre. The stadium can be easily reached and from Yes Hotel in Rome all you need to do is take the metro line A from Termini Station 4 stops to Flaminio, from here you are actually only a 10 minute walk away from the stadium and many choose to walk up to the stadium savouring the atmosphere in the area but you can jump on a tram (no.225) which will take you closer. (4 stops for south side and 5 stops for north side).

Italy Vs France 3 February 2007 14:30 local time
Italy Vs Wales 10th March 2007 16:30 local time
Italy Vs Ireland 17th March 2007 14:30 local time

Rome will be kicking off the 2007 6 nations tournament by hosting th very first match of the tournament with Italy against France, not to be missed – find out abour accommodation in rome today to ensure that you will be there at Flaminio Stadium.

The sport for gentleman? Rugby has over the years become one of the most popular sports not just in Europe but worldwide, and Italy is slowly but surely becoming more and more recognised as a nation to watch out for. Founded in 1928 the Federation of Italian Rugby records the very first rugby match in Italy as being in 1910 with ‘Racing Club Parigi’ against ‘Srvette di Ginevra’ in Turin (the far north of Italy), shortly after in 1911 Italy itself played in their very first match with the Milanese team US Milanese against the French club Il Voiron. Since the beginning of the 19th Century Italy has Stadio Rugby 6 nation tournament 2007made steady progress until 1998 when the real breakthrough came and they were accepted into what was then the 5 nations transformng officially into the 6 nations in 2000. The beginning of Italy’s 6 nations appearances got off to a great start with the victory over Scotland, a challenging team, but unfortunately it was to be their only victory that year. Last year in 2006 was still not the great Italy that everyone was hoping for and although they closed their difference with Ireland from a loss in 2005 of 28 – 1 to their loss in 2006 26 – 16!, the great victories that the Italian fans hoped for unfortunately did not materialise…however 2007 is a new year and never to be under estimated the ‘Azzurri’ hope for better results, so why not make the worthwhile trip to Rome for an unforgettable weekend.

Rome accommodation doesn’t get much better than the newly opened Yes Hotel combining quality and comfort with a great location and affordable price. Check availability today to stay in Rome’s brand new Yes Hotel.