IDES OF MARCH || 15 March –  Julius Caesar will “die” again

IDES OF MARCH || 15 March – Julius Caesar will “die” again

On March 15th, from 2:00 pm, in the Sacred Area of ​​Largo Argentina in Rome will be played the assassination of Julius Caesar.

The theatrical company ” Gruppo Storico Roma ”  will perform the reunion of the Senate, the discussions of the conspirators and the bloody murder of the great Roman leader.

The funeral procession will lead the public to the Roman Forum, where will be proposed other theatrical insertions dedicated to the characters close to the “Divo Giulio”. We will listen to thewords of Calpurnia, Caesar’s bride, of Brutus,  before friend and then a traitor, and many others.



It was March of 44 B.C, Julius Caesar was preparing for a meeting with the Senate unaware of a conspiracy that would have killed him, organized by  personalities related to the Senate of Rome, including the famous Brutus (Marco Giunio Bruto) and Cassio (Gaius Cassio Longino).

The great Caesar was assassinated with several stabs while he was in the Theater of Pompeo.

He was killed because over the years he had become more and more powerful, concentrating on himself several charges and menacing the authority and power of the Senate.


His death became one of the most famous episodes of Roman antiquity.

According to someone it became the symbol of the murder of a tyrant in the name of the republic, as for example in the bust of Brutus sculpted by Michelangelo

To others Brutus and Cassius became the symbol of betrayal (Dante, example, put Brutus  in the 9th level of Hell, the lowest level, in the mouth of Satan together with Judas).
Largo di Torre Argentina is at just 10 minutes bus journey from Termini station or walking distance from the main sights: ask our staff at  YES HOTEL ROME for more details!





15 March is known to history as the “Ides of March”, the day when Julius Caesar was killed. The spot where the general fell in 44 BC is putatively identifed with what is known today as Largo di Torre Argentina, a lovely square in the heart of Rome.
This Sunday a few events will take place to remember a day which changed somehow the course of the Roman Republic.
First of all guided tours: from 9.45am to 4.30pm qualified guides will lead people through the ruins of Largo Argentina’s archaeological area. The tours will be both in Italian and English and will take about 40 minutes.
Second: at 12.00pm and 15.30pm a philologically rigorous reenactment of Julius Caesar murder will be set up in three scenes:
1) Mark Antony, Cato, Cicero, senators and tribunes have a meeting at the Senate and at end of it they declare Caesar a public enemy of Rome;
2) Caesar arrives to the Curia and meets the haruspex Spurinna, who had warned him: “Caesar, beware the Ides of March”. It follows his assassination with twenty-three stab wounds;
3) Brutus and Mark Antony hold a funeral speech to honor Caesar at the Roman Forum (the speech is taken from Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”).
For the time of each of the two 45-minute reenactments guided tours will be stopped.
No admission fee is requested to enjoy the tours and the reenactments!
Largo di Torre Argentina is at just 10 minutes bus journey from Termini station or walking distance from the main sights: ask our staff at Yes Hotel for more details!



An emotional “Romeo and Juliet” is currently on stage in Rome until 6 January 2015: a colossal musical by David Zard, who does not betray at all with this work the great success he had achieved just a couple of years ago with “Notre Dame de Paris”.
“Romeo an Juliet. Love and change the world” shows on stage vibrant performances by 45 artists, 30 dancers and acrobats whose 200 customs are by the acclaimed French designer Frédéric Olivier. 55 people worked on its production, 35 of whom belonging only on the technical division.
A totally satisfying experience for both musical lovers and novices that can be enjoyed during Christmas time in Rome.
Where: Gran Teatro.
Tickets: starting from €24.
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