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How to Skip the line tickets in Rome

How to Skip the line tickets in Rome

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If you stay in Rome just a few days and you don’t have time to waste in endless tickets lines, you may know there is a faster way to enter the Roman Majors sites as the VATICAN MUSEUMS and  COLOSSEUM


In order to skip the line at the ticket office, you can purchase your ticket on the official website of the Vatican Museums. Full payment is requested on line (ticket price + pre-booking fee € 4,00). With your voucher go straight to the ticket office (without queueing) just 30 minutes prior the beginning of the visit you have booked online, and collect you tickets.

– entry to both Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel is included in the same ticket- admission to St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as to any other Church, is always free.


The General Audience held by the Pope takes place every Wednesday in St. Peter’s Square or inside the Paul VI Audience Hall, according to the weather conditions. It begin at 10.30 am.It is quite common on this occasion to see the Pope up close, but a ticket is required to attend the event. The ticket is totally free of charge and it is issued by the Prefecture of the Papal Household; it is necessary to pre-book it, which thing can be done by forwarding a specific request fairly in advance.The form can be downloaded from the official website:
You need to fill it up and provide the following details:- date of the General Audience- number of tickets requiered- name/group- mailing address- telephone and fax numberAfterwards you just have to print it and send it by fax to +39 06 6988 5863 (that belongs to Prefecture of the Papal Household, 00120 Vatican City State)



The tickets for the Colosseum are also valid for the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. There extist many online ticktets pages where you can buy tickets in adavance in order to skip the line, you can combine with Hop on Hop off Bus tours ord with the Roma Pass, so to make your journey even more exiting !

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Rome conquered Egypt by its army, but Egypt conquered Rome by its culture. We owe to this cultural influence the still standing pyramid in Rome located slightly outside the beaten tourist tracks although not far from the core area. A strange story lays behind its construction. Roman dignitary Cestius wanted his heirs to build this unusual funeral monument in a very short time lapse, on pain of excluding them from his testament.
Some more pyramids should have been built in the Eternal City around the I Cent BC under Egyptian inspiration, but this is the only one survived, probably due to the fact that since the III Cent AD it was guzzled in the Aurelian Walls as a bastion, which contributed to prevent its ruin and devastation by robbers.
Piramide di Cestio is one of the less known ancient monuments in Rome, and it’s certainly worth a visit, being so close to a couple of notable spots: the Protestant Cemetery (where big names such as Shelley and Keats rest) and – on the more mundane side – Eataly: the world renowned market for Made in Italy original food.