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Exhibitions in Rome || DREAM – ART MEETS DREAMS

Exhibitions in Rome || DREAM – ART MEETS DREAMS

dream ft1From 29 September 2019 till 05 May 2019

edited by Danilo Eccher

CLOISTER OF BRAMANTE | Via Arco della Pace, 5 – 00186 Rome
MONDAY to FRIDAY 10:00 am to 8:00 pm*
SAT – SUN 10:00 am to 9:00 pm*

Cost of ticket : 14 euros

With eyes open or closed dreams meet great contemporary art.

Magic, utopia, essence, enchantment and desires take shape in the exhibition Dream
Dream, meaning of exploration, knowledge and emotion, but also an expression of the deepest part of the human being


Dreams guide viewers through a series of stages and steps, stops and re-starts: from confrontation with nature to identification in forms, from the evocation of personal and collective memories to the passage of time, from the sublimation of shadows to immersion total in light.

From 29 September 2018 to 5 May 2019 the Cloister Of Bramante invites the public to live this experience without equal. The Cloister is right behind Piazza Navona and easily reachable from YES HOTEL  ROME

Walk to the main Termini Station and from there take bus 64 or 40Express, they will stop you at a few steps from the magical location.



dcbe5488c128bea712611503a38a578f_368854 Thanks to the initiative  #DomenicalMuseo over 480 museums, archaeological sites and monuments throughout Italy will be free for citizens and tourists

So next Epiphany in Rome will be an opportunity to discover more about art and history

Like every  first Sunday of the month, entrancy to galleries, archaeological excavations and mouments will be FREE. So don’t miss the opportunity to visit  the Colosseum Archaeological Park, the Baths of Caracalla, the Pantheon, Villa di Livia and the Ostia Antica Archaeological Park.

If you prefer doing something else, the Eternal city offers plenty of fun events. You can walk through the winter market of Piazza Navona,

You can attend the folkloristic  historical procession in  San Pietro Square  , where 1400 people in ancient costumes will parade in Via della Conciliazione and bring traditional symbolic gifts to Pope Francis,  following  tradition of the Three Wise Men

If you are looking for more ideas , our staff will provide you even more information !

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A must-see : the Christmas Market of Piazza Navona

A must-see : the Christmas Market of Piazza Navona

The Christmas countdown has begun:  just 3 weeks left !

The good news is that finally , after 3 years, the classical   Christmas Market of  Piazza Navona  has reopened  December 2nd, and will last until January 6th.

You can’t miss it. It represents the Christmas spirit in Rome and you will find handmade  gadgets ,  little ideas  for Christmas gifts, decorations, clothes and any kind of sweets!

Once Piazza Navona was the  site of the local market, but in the middle of the 19th century  this last  was moved to Campo de’ Fiori,  and that of Piazza Navona became the ultimate  Christmas Market in Rome!



How to reach it from Yes Hotel Rome ?

Very easily ! Just walk to the Termini  Station and from there take Bus Number 64 or Bus Number 40.

Stop at C.so Vittorio Emanuele/ Argentina. Just a  few minutes’ walk and you have  arrived !

Our staff will give you even more  tips , we wait for you !


One month is left to Christmas and preparations for the major shopping time in the year are in full effect. While shops windows have been shining for some weeks already, enlightened by their lavish decorations, Christmas stands & proper markets are being set up all around the city these days.
Typically Italian Christmas markets usually include puppets, toys, sweets, but their backbone is always in the befane with their grooms (old witches chasing away bad luck) and in the nativity scenes (presepi). If you like them, don’t miss out the nativity scenes’ exposition at Sala del Bramante (in Piazza del Popolo, next to the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo): more than 200 presepi will be on display.
Below a short list of the main spots in Rome where you can give a look for your Christmas gifts:
– “Christmas market” at PIAZZA NAVONA: definitely the most traditional one. From 1 Dec to 6 Jan, 10am-1am. On the Epiphany day (January 6th) the Befana will distibute sweets and “coal” (edible & sweet of course!) to all kids in the square.
– “Christmas at Auditorium Parco della Musica“: market, ice-skating, play area, open daily from 6 Dec to 6 Jan.
– “Magic Christmas” at Parco Rainbow Magicland: Christmas market in the amusement park until 6 Jan.
If you are looking for an unconventional Christmas market where you can find old & new stuff:
Japanese Christmas market at via Casilina 713: on 14 and 21 Dec only, 10am-8pm.
Ask Yes Hotel staff for more suggestions!



”To study how gladiators’ customs and equipments changed it means to study Roman society and the evolution of its military art”. Inspired by such a perspective curators of the ultimate exhibition on gladiators put on display more than 350 artefacts in the core of Rome: at Piazza Navona.
The reason for this location is quite simple: in place of the beautiful churches and fountains we nowadays observe, once upon a time there was a magnificent Roman stadium to host gladiators’ combats, known as Stadium of Domitian. The official shift from Colosseum as a traditional location for these public shows occurred when the Colosseum itself had to undergo renovation works already in the II century AC.
“Gladiators: Arms and armors in the Roman Empire” outlines the history of gladiators’ combat art from its origin – when the gladiator was just looked at as slave-warrior – to its latest times – when the gladiator raised to the status of a modern celebrity.
Venue: Museo dello Stadio di Domiziano, Piazza Navona.
Tickets from €6.
Yes Hotel has got direct connection to Piazza Navona through many bus lines: stay with us for a centrally placed accommodation!