Ice cream bars in Rome

Gelato Wanted!

 Summer is almost at the door and the days are getting warmer and warmer each day.

When you’re walking in the streets of Rome all day, you will feel like you need a break and something to cool you down.

In a hot day or evening, the best choice for cool down is an ice cream bar! (Gelateria)

Gelato is typically flavored with fresh fruit purees, cocoa and/or nut pastes. If other ingredients such as chocolate flakes, nuts, small confections, cookies, or biscuits are added, they are added after the gelato is frozen. Gelato made with fresh fruit, sugar, and water and without dairy ingredients is sorbet.

Here is a couple of very good ice cream bars in the centre of the Rome.You should try at least another one of these! giolitti

Giolitti: I recommend this is strictly! In my opinion you get the best ice cream from there. There are many different flavours and choices in wich way you want your ice cream. Good location, friendly staff and so sweet flavours!   You might have to wait in the queue for a while, because it’s the most famous ice cream bar in Rome, but it’s worth it!        

How to get there?

From termini station:
Metro A —> Spagna  

Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma 06 699 1243


 blueiceBlue Ice: Is very nice and trendy ice cream bar. It is popular among young people, maybe becouse it is modern and nice place to hang out while eating ice cream. There are several choises different flavours. You can take a cup for your ice cream or just in the tradinitional way. Very delicious gelato! In the area of the Rome there are nine blue ice bars, so there’s many ice cream bars where to choose.

Blue Ice gelato bar: San Pietro, Trastevere, Eustachio, Campo Di Fiori, Spagna, Trevi, Sistina, Navona, Tiburtina

Find your closest bar from here! Via Magenta, 15 – 00185 Rome, Italy
Tel : +39 06 44363836 Fax : + 39 06 44363829

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