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For one week Rome will be offering the chance to go far beyond the real world and enter the realm of magic and illusion… a realm where the place of the physics rules is taken by the invisible power of marvel.
This will be happening in one of the greatest Roman theatres, Teatro Olimpico, on occasion of the Festival of Magic, from January 29 to February 8. The most skillful magicians, illusionists, conjurers and manipulators from Europe, Asia and America will be gathering in the Eternal City to give life every night to a world where everyone will feel comfortable regardless of age and native country.
Quite interestingly, the artists performing at “Supermagic” will personally look after the several backstage steps, to make sure of the secrecy of their tricks.
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“Lo Schiaccianoci” di Petr Il’ic Cajkovskij è a Roma anche quest’anno nel periodo delle feste natalizie per offrire una serata d’incanto a grandi e piccini. Come sempre accade per i capolavori che travalicano i limiti del tempo e dello spazio, anche questo racconto, portato sul palcoscenico dal Balletto di Roma, può essere letto e apprezzato a diversi livelli. La dimensione favolistica ha infatti il background amaro di un tema a cui di certo tutti gli adulti sono sensibili: il passaggio doloroso dall’età della fanciullezza a quella adulta. L’allestimento di Mario Piazza riesce a sottolineare in maniera non scontata proprio questo aspetto.
Dove: Auditorium Conciliazione, Via della Conciliazione 4 (metro: Ottaviano San Pietro o bus # 40).
Quando: 30 dicembre 2014 – 6 gennaio 2015.
Biglietti: €13-€45.
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For those interested in roaming around Rome a little bit off the beaten track, until 31 December 2014 Villa Torlonia will be worth a visit more than ever. The beautiful neo-classical & liberty structure which belonged to nobles Torlonia, and which was home to Mussolini and his family, just opened to visitors two more sections: the theatre and the bunker (built at the very beginning of the II World War). After long time restorations, the theatre will serve again as a collector of events such as plays and concerts. Beyond this, it will be accessible during the day as well, even if upon mandatory booking (which includes a guided tour as well). The same opening conditions are provided to visit the bunker.
Venue: Villa Torlonia, Via Nomentana 70.
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RomaEuropa Festival 2014

REF 14

Not only electronic music, experimental dance and interactive exhibitions. Until November 30th, ROMAEUROPA FESTIVAL 2014 offers you a deep immersion into the latest trends in contemporary arts throughout the works of talents from all around the world.
Historical locations such as La Pelanda (Ex Mattatoio), Accademia di Francia, Teatro Argentina, Teatro Brancaccio will be the roman stage to this two-months event.
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Villa Borghese and the “Temple of Asclepius”

One of the must visit places in Rome that combines nature, pleasure, history and physical excercise. You can spent a lot of hours walking, drinking coffee etc. You can ride your bike and enjoy! The Villa is a great place to cycle around and the cafe’s are definitely worth stopping at while taking in the scenery. It’d also be a great place for a picnic, however, there’s not a whole lot else to keep you entertained. It’s only a short walk from the Spagna metro station and the Spanish Steps though so it’s definitely worth stopping at if you’re in the area.

The lake is circled by the walking path “Viale del Lago,” but you won’t be able to miss the centerpiece – “Temple of Asclepius.” Asclepius  was the Greek god of medicine and healing – exactly what your legs will need after all this time exploring Rome & Italy!IMG_6694

From Piazza del Popolo ­- The wide open Piazza is very popular with Romans as well as tourists, for its beautiful statuary and Egyptian obelisk. To the east of the Piazza is the massive Borghese Gardens, a quiet green spot among the big city hustle and bustle. This park is great for strolling, jogging, etc, and I believe you can rent a bicycle to ride around on. On the east side of the park is the most excellent Villa Borghese, a prime site to view art, especially, in my opinion, sculpture. There is no lack of magnificent art in Rome, but don’t miss this place.

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Eye in the Sky of Rome

eye in the sky

The Wizard of Sound, Alan Parsons, will perform next 23 th July in Rome at the Foro Italico. No excuses, be there at 9.00 pm, so you will not miss the enchanting atmospheric vibrations of this Master of Rock.

Low profile image, with his almost ‘’shy boy’’ look, focusing all his energies in the invisible inspiring force of sound, Alan Parsons worked with bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd, helping to give birth to authentic immortal masterpieces.

His band, the Alan Parsons Project, offers a cool and sophisticated vision of rock in all its elegance and philosophical aspirations. Just pure musical Hedonism.  For more information about the Alan Parsons concert or accommodations during July contact us at




By following this simple tips you may have not a story to tell about a taxi driver that has left you with a wallet excessively empty.

Before taking a cab ask our staff about how much a fair price will be for the desired destination,  which helps you to avoid unpleasant situations.

It is true that our hotel is just around the corner from Termini Station, but also half a block from Piazza Indipendenza. The point is that from Termini you pay a supplement of  2 euros more, that you save instead from the stand at Indipendenza square.

There are two airports in Rome: Fiumicino and Ciampino. There is an official rate for taxis which is from our Hotel 48 euros to Fiumicino and 30 euros to Ciampino. This price applies for a maximum of four persons and four bags.

Any trip to the historic centre should show up as Tariffa 1 on the meter. Tariffa 2 applies beyond the Grande Raccordo Annulare and it is charged at a higher rate. Make sure that the driver has set the right Tariffa while traveling to the Roman centre.

Rome taxi drivers prefer to use taxi stands. You might be able to flag a taxi down, but it is a rarer occurence than in most cities. Romans know they’ll find a taxi stand in all the major piazze.

Official cabs are white, have a taxi sign mounted on the roof, have an insignia on the driver’s door reading “Comune di Roma,” have an official number and a meter. You want an official cab. Do not use the touts at Termini Station.

The meter starts at different rates depending on the day and time, as it follows:

Monday –Saturday from 7am- 10pm the meter starts at €2,80

Sundays and Holidays the meter starts at €4,00

Night fares from 10pm-7am, the meter starts at €5,80

Supplement from Termini Station plus 2 euros.

* Each piece of luggage with the following dimensions cost (cm 35x25x50) €1,00 each..

If you feel you have been cheated by a taxi, the driver’s license number is written on a metal plate on the left door on the passenger side. Make sure you get a receipt or ricevuta and write down the name and number printed on the plate. In addition, you should also take note of which cab company you used .With this information, you can file a complaint with the cab company and should be able to receive reimbursement.

And remember that our staff will assist you with all the information you may need. See you soon.




Hello music lovers! The Opera House in Rome il ‘‘Teatro della Opera’’is located near Piazza Repubblica, which is only five minutes walk from our location Eventually there are in Rome also churches where concerts take place. But for the best Acoustic the Opera House remains on top..

Undoubtedly opera and ballet in Rome is something special and carries its own magic flavour. See you very soon and enjoy it!

Here follows the season 2012-2013 program.

27 November to 11 December Simon Boccanegra. Opera. Music by Giuseppe Verdi

22 December to 5 January: Don Chischiotte.  Ballet. Music by Ludwig Minkus.

27 January to 3 February: Il Naso. Opera. Music by Dmitrij Šostakovi?.

9 February to 14 February: Giselle. Ballet. Music by Adolphe Adam

6 March to 16 March: I due Foscari. Opera. Music by Giuseppe Verdi

5 April to 13 April Samson et Dalila. Opera. Music by Camille Saint-Saëns

10 May to 18 May Rienzi. Opera. Music by Richard Wagner

28 May to 5 June: La Sylphide. Ballet. Music by Hermann Severin von Løvenskjold.

18 June to 25 June: Don Pasquale. Opera. Music by Gaetano Donizetti

27 June: Curlew. Opera. Music by Benjamin Britten

16 July to 23 July: Nabucodonosor. Opera. Music by Giuseppe Verdi.

28 September to 6 October: Coppélia. Ballet. Music by Léo Delibes

23 October to 31 October: Turandot. Opera. Music by Giacomo Puccini

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Jethro Tull in Concert

Over 60 million records sold for a band which creative force gave birth to authentic immortal masterpieces of rock.

Their unique style combined elements of classical music, jazz, hard rock, folk and art rock  Live performance added to sound vibration the magic spell of an amazing theatrical atmosphere.

Jethro Tull and their charismatic leader, Ian Anderson, has proved  along 40 years to be one of the greatest icons in the rock and roll scene.

The Anderson’s stage personae, an incarnation of God Pan, with his intense and playful nature provided much more than simple entertainment but inspiration to generations of rock lovers.

From their beginning as an experimental blues band Jethro Tull developed a powerful and delicious way of expressing music.

As part of the 2012 Tour ‘’Tick as a Brick’’, next December the 3rd at 21.15 Jethro Tull  will perform at Gran Teatro of Rome at Via Tor di Quinto (


Etruria Eco Festival 2012

9-19.8.2012 at 18.00

Etruria Eco Festival, not just music

EtruriaEcoFestival is an event, now in its sixth edition, which features musical and artistic events of national and international. The event has the ambitious goal to combine the artistic and cultural heritage through the promotion of all issues related to environmental protection and the protection of the territory.

Etruria Eco Festival is not only great music, dance and theater. This year for the first time is also 100% eco village with over 40 stands (Library, crafts, vintage clothing and eco-friendly, Tshirts, natural fabrics, ethnic products, bags, decorations, ecobigiotteria, solar cookers, systems for energy savings associations, and more cooperation). The Festival is in the beautiful park of Legnara of Cerveteri, a city of the Province of Rome.
The village is open daily at 18 and always FREE!


Here is more information about the schedule, artists and bands performing in Eco Festival

How to get there?

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