Contemporary art exhibition in Rome



Rome is celebrating in a new charming way the theme of nutrion, main subject at EXPO MILANO 2015, combined to one of the best known facets of Made in Italy, that is to say fashion design.
The brand new exhibit at the Trajan’s Market is focused indeed on the transposition of the link “nature & food” on embroidery, textures, dresses and accessories.
The Elegance of Food. Tales about Food & Fashion is therefore a journey through yesterday and today’s haute couture garments by means of photographs, holograms, video mapping and visual-art following the four basic elements: Water, Air, Earth and Fire.
The exhibit is open daily until November 1st, 2015, from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm.
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Steve McCurry is no doubt one of the most representative figures in contemporary photography. His works appeared on the covers of a number of books and magazines worldwide. During his long career he  published more than a dozen volumes and exposed his images in solo and group exhibitions around the world.
McCurry starts his life in a suburb of Philadelphia (USA) in 1950 and studies cinematography at Pennsylvania State University before starting to work for a local newspaper. After years as a freelance, he travels to India and explores it far and wide. After crossing the border with Pakistan, he gets to know a group of Afghan refugees who do enter illegally in Afghanistan. It’s 1985, and it’s when he will have the chance to take one of the most iconic pictures of this century.
Since then, McCurry continues to describe the world through his photographs, ranging from the theme of conflict to that of cultures and traditions in danger, always focusing on these with a human gaze rich of empathy.
The exhibit has on display one-hundred-fifty works of his: side by side to those classical, worldy renowned masterpieces, one will find his most recent portraits, several not published anywhere else before. He challenges the viewer to follow his itinerary, recently made of “an unusual search, moving beyond the gaze, through doors and windows to describe space and light, to overcome pain and fear”.
“Steve McCurry. Beyond the Gaze” is at Teatro 1 in Cinecittà, the famous film studios. To go there just catch metro line A and get off at the namesake stop. The exhibit is open from 9:30 am to 7pm every day but Tuesdays.
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March Chagall and his personal experience in life and love will be soon on exhibit in Rome. A co-operation between the Eternal City and Jerusalem indeed is bringing to Italy 150 woks of art by the Jewish painter, who was born in Russia in 1887 and settled down in France, where he died in 1985.
The whole exhibition is about the strong relationship between Chagall and Bella Rosenfeld, who was not only his wife but also his artistic muse. All the paintings, drawings and prints that visitors will have the chance to admire from March 16 to July 26 are reflections of the artist’s experience and cultural background. Deeply rooted in him is the Jewish culture, which is embodied by basically ever-present characters in his paintings: the goat, an allegory of hope and confidence; the hut, reminiscent of the celebration of the feast after the Exodus; the donkey, tied to the different moments of the Bible; the fiddler figure who uses to attend the major Jewish religious holidays.
“Marc Chagall. Love and life” is goint to be at Chiostro del Bramante, at short walking distance from Piazza Navona. It will be open on a daily base: from Monday to Friday 10am – 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am – 9 pm. Tickets: maximum € 13.
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Part of Luciano Benetton’s art collection is currently on display in Rome. It’s actually much more than a simple collection: it’s a project, a vision, an image of the world, as its title “Imago Mundi” points out. The chief of one of the most successful Italian brands in the world is indeed very much involved in spreading and preserving the arts, and his ultimate intuition took precisely the shape of “Imago Mundi”. This project aims at showing to public thousands of works of art that Benetton either collected or commissioned to emerging artists during his life-time journeys. These works respond to two main characteristics: they are 10×12 cm in size, they are non-profit. The concept is to create a visual map of humanity, to favour a global meeting of culture in respect of their different expressive means. As an ultimate result, the artists involved will be supported by Benetton’s foundation in finding visibility. By 2015 the project will have reached 100 nations.
Currently in Rome the works coming from Africa: 16 countries and over 2000 artists.
No admission fee!
Where: Carlo Bilotti Museum, inside Villa Borghese.
When: until 11 January 2015. Tue-Fri 10am-4pm. Sat-Sun 10am-7pm. Mon closed.
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American Chronicles: the Art of Norman Rockwell” is the autumn event among Roman contemporary art exhibitions. On display paintings, documents, photographs and 323 original covers of the “Sunday Evening Post by the iconic painter & illustrator Norman Rockwell, who who caught in his works over 50 years of American history. He portrays the Golden Age of his country, in a time of social changes which in fact didn’t spare turmoil, such as that deriving from the huge economical crisis and race problems. Optimism and trust into state institutions and future are the dominant values emerging from the collection on show in Rome.
Venue: Fondazione Roma Museo, Palazzo Sciarra (next to Via del Corso).
Timing: Mon-Fri 9:00-18.00; Sat ore 9:00-12:00. Until February 2015.
From Hotel Yes you can reach Via del Corso & the exhibit location by a shor bus journey: ask our staff for more details!