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A must-see : the Christmas Market of Piazza Navona

A must-see : the Christmas Market of Piazza Navona

The Christmas countdown has begun:  just 3 weeks left !

The good news is that finally , after 3 years, the classical   Christmas Market of  Piazza Navona  has reopened  December 2nd, and will last until January 6th.

You can’t miss it. It represents the Christmas spirit in Rome and you will find handmade  gadgets ,  little ideas  for Christmas gifts, decorations, clothes and any kind of sweets!

Once Piazza Navona was the  site of the local market, but in the middle of the 19th century  this last  was moved to Campo de’ Fiori,  and that of Piazza Navona became the ultimate  Christmas Market in Rome!



How to reach it from Yes Hotel Rome ?

Very easily ! Just walk to the Termini  Station and from there take Bus Number 64 or Bus Number 40.

Stop at Vittorio Emanuele/ Argentina. Just a  few minutes’ walk and you have  arrived !

Our staff will give you even more  tips , we wait for you !

Jackson Pollock and the school of  New York

Jackson Pollock and the school of New York

From October 10th  to February 24th.


The Vittoriano Palace is  hosting an exhibition of 50 works of the painter Jackson Pollock

The artist is part of  to the Abstract Expressionist avant-garde group of the New York School active in the 1950s and 1960s.

Pollock is also known as ‘Jack the Dripper’ – because of his revolutionary way of applying paint to canvas.


From Monday to Thursday 9.30am – 7.30pm
Friday and Saturday 9.30am – 10.00pm
Sunday 9.30am – 8.30pm
Last admission one hour before

Tickets  € 17.50

For more information contact the staff of Yes Hotel Rome

Journeys through Ancient Rome // Extended to November 13.

Journeys through Ancient Rome // Extended to November 13.

The successful projects that  has attracted more than  100  thousand spectators will be extended till next November 13 .

Two projects tell the story of the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar starting from stones with the use of technology. The journey is accompanied by the voice of the italian  journalist Piero Angela and video reconstructions showing the places as they appeared in ancient Rome. The show inside the Forum of Caesar is itinerant. The access is near the  Trajan’s Column and crosses the Trajan’s ForumThen down the tunnel of the Fori Imperiali  you reach the Forum of Caesar  and  continue  till  the Roman Curia.

The ticket for a single show costs 15 euros,  while combined in the same evening or in two different evenings the visit of the Forum of Caesar and that at the Forum of August cost 25 euros . There are three replies (duration  40 minutes) inside the Forum of AugustusThe itinerant path of the Forum of Caesar instead consists of four stages, each lasting about 10 minutes.

First show:  7. 00 pm

Last show: 9.00 pm

Don’t miss the last call.

Halloween in Rome is an unmissable  !

Halloween in Rome is an unmissable !

Being among the top celebrated festivities in all Anglo-Saxon countries, Halloween is getting more and more attractive to Southern Europe as well. Rome plays a great part in it: all pubs, clubs and restaurants in the city’s hub will set up special treats and tricks to let everyone enjoy the scary atmosphere surrounding October 31st since pagan times! Witches, magicians, sorcerers,  monsters, and sorcerers wil grope  around the streets in  the most frightening night of the year.

Yes Hotel staff will be happy to help you out to find the best parties in Rome: contact us on our website!


Friday, the 7th of September, the Capital will host  the  5th edition of the night Half Marathon

Roma By Night Run “, organized by  Forhans Team.

The route is 21.097 km long, completely flat and enlightened . The start is  at 22.00 pm from Flaminio to Ponte della Musica

You can get all information on : www.

Be part of this fascinating event and don’t forget to book you nights with us  on



Rome Fringe Festival – since 2011 a most awaited event every Summer – is just around the corner. From May 29 to July 5 the gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo will be livened up more than ever by this festival entirely dedicated to independent theatre & performative arts.
Every day from 9am to 2 in the night the whole area will be popping with an explosion of non-stop shows, art exhbits, day & night markets, refreshment areas, wine & food tasting, workshops and kids activities. All is free but the shows, which €5 ticket will be paid directly to the given performing company. A considerable variety of performances are scheduled indeed, involving involving song theatre, comedy, drama, social theatre, dance, stand up, street art, clowning, puppet, poetry, literature.
The festival definitely has an international appeal: a number of foreign artists play their role in it.
The daily programme will follow this sketch:

  • from 9am to 4.30pm: market, summer camp for children by Arteficine, free events and gastronomy
  • from 6pm to 8.30pm: aperitif, concerts, food tasting and market
  • from 8.30pm onwards nine shows of any sort descrive above

From Yes Hotel, to go and enjoy the breeze nearby the Tiber river, at Castel Sant’Angelo gardens, you just need to catch bus #40 express or metro line A and get off at Lepanto!



Sunday May 24th will be a good day to explore Rome off the beaten track: in the frame of “Open Courtyards Rome” some of the most beautiful historical private palaces in the Eternal City will be open to public just for one day, disclosing their inner courtyards and gardens. The event is due to the Italian Association of Historical Houses (ADSI – Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane) and it is free of cost for visitors, who will be guided through these architectural treasures also by the properties’ owners. Opening time will be from 10 am to 7 pm. Here below a list of the sites:

Palazzo Attolico, Via di Parione 12
Palazzo Berardi Gugliemi, Via del Gesù 62
Palazzo Capizucchi, Piazza Campitelli 3
Palazzo Capponi Antonelli, Via Monserrato 34
Palazzo Cisterna, Via Giulia 163
Palazzo Costaguti, Piazza Mattei 10
Palazzo Grazioli, Via del Plebiscito 102
Palazzo Lante, Piazza dei Caprettari 70
Palazzo Malvezzi Campeggi, Via del Consolato 6
Palazzo Massimo Lancellotti, Piazza Navona 114
Palazzo Montoro, Via di Montoro 8
Palazzo Odescalchi, Piazza Santi Apostoli
Palazzo Pasolini dall’Onda, Piazza Cairoli 6
Palazzo Ruspoli, Via della Fontanella Borghese 56
Palazzo Sacchetti, Via Giulia 66
Palazzo Taverna, via di Monte Giordano 36
Palazzo Pamphilj, Ambasciata del Brasile, Piazza Navona 14

Our staff at Yes Hotel will be glad to provide you with more details!



La prima parte di ROMICS 2015 sta per sbarcare a Roma! Dal 9 al 12 aprile (ci sarà un secondo appuntamento in ottobre) appassionati di fumetti, cosplays, animazione, games, musica e cinema da tutta Italia avranno ragione di riunirsi alla Fiera di Roma per un evento che raccoglie grandi matite e appuntamenti imperdibili.
Il programma completo della quattro giorni è consultabile sul sito ufficiale, ma per darvi un’idea ve ne elenchiamo le sezioni principali:
ROMICS Movie, il grande cinema con i protagonisti più amati
ROMICS Games, nuovissimo padiglione con videogame, giochi di ruolo e di strategia
ROMICS Castelli Animati, dove convoglieranno eccellenze internazionali dagli studi di cinema di animazione
– eventi e contest di vario genere come la gara cosplay; la selezione ufficiale per il Campionato Karaoke WKG, in collaborazione con il Giappone; il ROMICS Song Contest; il K-Pop Kontest; e il ROMICS Gran Galà del Doppiaggio
– e infine il ROMICS Kids & Junior, tutto dedicato a bambini e ragazzi.
Romics 9-12 aprile 2015 sarà aperto dalle 10:00 alle 20.00. I biglietti saranno in vendita anche in forma di abbonamento a due, tre o tutte e quattro le giornate.
Per indicazioni sul trasporto urbano disponibile per raggiungere la Fiera di Roma da Termini (autobus o treno urbano) non esitate a contattarci: Yes Hotel!



Rome conquered Egypt by its army, but Egypt conquered Rome by its culture. We owe to this cultural influence the still standing pyramid in Rome located slightly outside the beaten tourist tracks although not far from the core area. A strange story lays behind its construction. Roman dignitary Cestius wanted his heirs to build this unusual funeral monument in a very short time lapse, on pain of excluding them from his testament.
Some more pyramids should have been built in the Eternal City around the I Cent BC under Egyptian inspiration, but this is the only one survived, probably due to the fact that since the III Cent AD it was guzzled in the Aurelian Walls as a bastion, which contributed to prevent its ruin and devastation by robbers.
Piramide di Cestio is one of the less known ancient monuments in Rome, and it’s certainly worth a visit, being so close to a couple of notable spots: the Protestant Cemetery (where big names such as Shelley and Keats rest) and – on the more mundane side – Eataly: the world renowned market for Made in Italy original food.



For one week Rome will be offering the chance to go far beyond the real world and enter the realm of magic and illusion… a realm where the place of the physics rules is taken by the invisible power of marvel.
This will be happening in one of the greatest Roman theatres, Teatro Olimpico, on occasion of the Festival of Magic, from January 29 to February 8. The most skillful magicians, illusionists, conjurers and manipulators from Europe, Asia and America will be gathering in the Eternal City to give life every night to a world where everyone will feel comfortable regardless of age and native country.
Quite interestingly, the artists performing at “Supermagic” will personally look after the several backstage steps, to make sure of the secrecy of their tricks.
To get more info on this intriguing event such as tickets & time, just ask our staff at Yes Hotel!