March Chagall and his personal experience in life and love will be soon on exhibit in Rome. A co-operation between the Eternal City and Jerusalem indeed is bringing to Italy 150 woks of art by the Jewish painter, who was born in Russia in 1887 and settled down in France, where he died in 1985.
The whole exhibition is about the strong relationship between Chagall and Bella Rosenfeld, who was not only his wife but also his artistic muse. All the paintings, drawings and prints that visitors will have the chance to admire from March 16 to July 26 are reflections of the artist’s experience and cultural background. Deeply rooted in him is the Jewish culture, which is embodied by basically ever-present characters in his paintings: the goat, an allegory of hope and confidence; the hut, reminiscent of the celebration of the feast after the Exodus; the donkey, tied to the different moments of the Bible; the fiddler figure who uses to attend the major Jewish religious holidays.
“Marc Chagall. Love and life” is goint to be at Chiostro del Bramante, at short walking distance from Piazza Navona. It will be open on a daily base: from Monday to Friday 10am – 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am – 9 pm. Tickets: maximum € 13.
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