One month is left to Christmas and preparations for the major shopping time in the year are in full effect. While shops windows have been shining for some weeks already, enlightened by their lavish decorations, Christmas stands & proper markets are being set up all around the city these days.
Typically Italian Christmas markets usually include puppets, toys, sweets, but their backbone is always in the befane with their grooms (old witches chasing away bad luck) and in the nativity scenes (presepi). If you like them, don’t miss out the nativity scenes’ exposition at Sala del Bramante (in Piazza del Popolo, next to the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo): more than 200 presepi will be on display.
Below a short list of the main spots in Rome where you can give a look for your Christmas gifts:
– “Christmas market” at PIAZZA NAVONA: definitely the most traditional one. From 1 Dec to 6 Jan, 10am-1am. On the Epiphany day (January 6th) the Befana will distibute sweets and “coal” (edible & sweet of course!) to all kids in the square.
– “Christmas at Auditorium Parco della Musica“: market, ice-skating, play area, open daily from 6 Dec to 6 Jan.
– “Magic Christmas” at Parco Rainbow Magicland: Christmas market in the amusement park until 6 Jan.
If you are looking for an unconventional Christmas market where you can find old & new stuff:
Japanese Christmas market at via Casilina 713: on 14 and 21 Dec only, 10am-8pm.
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