American Chronicles: the Art of Norman Rockwell” is the autumn event among Roman contemporary art exhibitions. On display paintings, documents, photographs and 323 original covers of the “Sunday Evening Post by the iconic painter & illustrator Norman Rockwell, who who caught in his works over 50 years of American history. He portrays the Golden Age of his country, in a time of social changes which in fact didn’t spare turmoil, such as that deriving from the huge economical crisis and race problems. Optimism and trust into state institutions and future are the dominant values emerging from the collection on show in Rome.
Venue: Fondazione Roma Museo, Palazzo Sciarra (next to Via del Corso).
Timing: Mon-Fri 9:00-18.00; Sat ore 9:00-12:00. Until February 2015.
From Hotel Yes you can reach Via del Corso & the exhibit location by a shor bus journey: ask our staff for more details!