Egyptian Museum of Rome opens again after massive restoration, and does it in the most exciting way for either specialists and general public: on display “The Mysterious Discovery of Tutankhamon’s Tomb”.
A two-years exhibition dedicated to the treasures discovered at the beginning of XX century by British archaeologists inside the tomb of most famous Pharaoh of ever, Tutankhamon, who ruled Egypt from 1333 until 1323 BC.
On show 30 official replicas of the original pieces currently collected at Cairo’s museum: an exclusive chance to approach the world renowned golden mask, sarcophagus, jewels and many more pieces which were supposed to accompany the departed in his afterlife.
Timing & location: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm at Accademia Egizia (inside Villa Borghese).
Staying with us at Yes Hotel will allow you to reach the exhibition venue with just few metro stops!