Monthly Archives: July 2013

Marcel Duchamp in Rome

duchamp2One day in 1917 a man submitted his peculiar contribution for a modern art exposition: a  signed a urinal.
The man was Marcel Duchamp and with his work was inaugurating conceptual art and changing aestethics forever. Since then we want art to outrage us,  to force us to follow unusual thought-paths and to grow free of the bi-dimensional space of a canvas.

Starting from October visitors will be able to appreciate the works of this intriguing artists at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, which can be easily reached from Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes: just take the red subway line and get off at Flaminio and walk through Villa Borghese to get there.

Eric Burdon’s Ball and Chain


Looking back at the career of Eric Burdon you may get the feeling that fame has been somewhat unfair to him. Seeing him on the video of House of Rising Sun one gets the feeling that the man is a vision of what rock is going to become, but rock today seems reluctant to aknowledge his anticipatory nods.

That’s fine with Burdon. The man has sung his way through a sometimes patchy career always remaining his own man and refusing to wear the ball and chain of fame. So while Dylan and Springsteen favor the splendid Parco della Musica when they visit Rome, Burdon will play next July 17 at the Crossroads a club tucked away in a recondite road outside Rome. Only fitting for someone who has always lived with one foot on the platform and the other on the train.