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Rome, the Ruthless

leonecheazzannaSymbols have a life of their own: their associations with certain concepts is very hard to break once we establish it. That’s why I was suprised to learn that before the famous she-wolf became the symbol of Rome, the most iconic sculpture associated with the Eternal City was that of a lion attacking a horse. Back in the day it was considered a symbol of the strenght and ruthlessness of the city.

Now the sculpture will come back to the Capitoline museums after a thorough restoration and a tour of the USA. Don’t miss the chance to admire the statue to learn more about how Rome thinks (or used to think) about itself.

The Azaleas of the Spanish Steps


Living in Rome is full of small joys and one of our favorites is to see the city bloom in April, as if waking up from its winter sleep.

The ritual sign that let you know officialy that spring has arrived are the Azaleas of the Spanish Steps. Every year for the last 75 years the staircase is decorated towards the end of April with flowers that contribute to the feeling of joy that pervades the city when winter is left behind.

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Internazionali BNL 2013: The Greats of Tennis in Rome


Tennis lovers in Rome are looking forward to the BNL Internazionale d’Italia.

The tournament is played on outdoor clay courts at the Foro Italico and brings to the Eternal City some of the most prominent figures of international tennis.

Roger Federer, for many the greatest tennis player ever, has confirmed his participation. It’s only fitting to have in Rome the man whose play was considered by David Foster Wallace a “religious experience”.

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