Become a Gladiator in Rome!!!


The most exciting experience, that will take you back in time not only to understand a very special aspect of daily life in Ancient Rome, but to feel it in a unique way. The Gladiator School in Rome run by the Gruppo Storico Romano (enthusiastic volunteers willing to tell you everything they know about Rome) provides this opportunity.

First a  history lesson: weapons, costumes and models from Ancient Rome. Then, the gladiator style warm up (dressed in a kind of toga) with belt, sandals and a wooden training sword called a ‘rudis’. The rest of the time at gladiator school is about learning different techniques of attack and defence using your wooden sword. When you’ve proved yourself with that, you’ll move on to use the ‘gladius’, the heavier sword which gave gladiators their name

gladiator shool2

The activity is good for both adults and kids (thou for children over 6 years old). The price depends on the size of the group that makes the booking. The school is located at Via Appia Antica 18, which is just a short cab ride from the Coliseum and a wonderful complement to its visit.

I came to know about it for clients that tried it and found it the most interesting and funny! ( So now  I have to try it myself,  maybe I will see you there. Why not?)