Vatican Museums & Colosseum at night

If you want to see art at night the Vatican museums will return for the fourth year running on 4th May. This has by now become a fixed event in Rome’s spring and summer calendar. So, beginning on 4 May, the Vatican Museums will be open every Friday from 7.00 to 11.00 pm. The Night Openings will continue to 26 October (except for the period from 20 July to 31 August).

MUSEUM SECTORS OPEN TO VISITS: Egyptian Museum, Pio-Clementine Museum, Upper Galleries of the Vatican Museums, (Gallery of Tapestries and Candelabra, Hall of Maps),Raphael’s Rooms, Borgia Apartment (limited to Rooms I, III, IV, XIII, XXVIII), Collection of Modern Religious Art, Sistine Chapel.

This exclusive invitation to visit the Museums by night is addressed not only to all tourists, Italian and foreign, for whom the Vatican Museums are a “sanctuary of art and faith” – to use the words of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI – but also and above all to all the Roman public, normally too busy to visit the Museums during the day.

Full price ticket € 15,00+€4,00 reservation fee                vatican476814538_292fd708df

Reduced price ticket € 8,00+€ 4,00 reservation fee 

Online booking is required! You can do the booking in HERE!

Colosseum night opening

Small groups of tourists, lead by an archaeologist, will walk through the monument, reaching the most important spots.It will be explained the history of the Colosseum, the “Nerone” exhibition and the hypogeum during the night opening.The end of the visit will lead to the arena: it will be possible to look at Colosseum underground rooms, to know their functioning and how they were employed during the games.

This amazing visit will be accompained by the light of a “private” moon, over the monument: the atmosphere recreated will be as close as possible to the full moon nights of the Ancient Empire.

Colosseum-at-night-1From 08.20 pm to 22.45 pm it will be possible to join a group guided tour to the Colosseum, the “Nerone” exhibition and to the hypogeum.

The reservation is compulsory and includes the entrance ticket and the guided tour. More Information about the ticket prices and tour dates you’ll find it HERE! 

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