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Luxury Gaming In Rome

billions2Do you want try your luck on gaming? Searching for a good places for slottery machines, poker and get the real casino feeling? I tried my luck in a gaming hall called Billions. After I left the place, my wallet was more thicker! I guess I was lucky.

The Billions is perfect place to spent an evening for person who has a passion on gaming and who likes the luxury. Their services are for example lounge bar where you have a wide choice of cocktails, wines and tasty appetizers for you among the chosen best of Italian food products. There are waiters around the hall and if you feel thirsty or hungry you can order some snacks or pasta from them during you’re playing. Every night there is a nice relaxing music played by piano. billionsThe luxury gaming lobby has a choice between the latest and innovative slot machines and video lottery in the European market.Very quiet and reserved the billions has two rooms and two smoking bar locations. Open daily 24 hours, with cafeteria service. The Billions, this is where the art of play and fun guaranteed, where customers can experience a pleasant evening with friends and relaxing. 

There are two Billions club in Rome. Another one is quite far from the centre, but it’s more bigger than the another one.

 via di Settebagni 726 00138 – ROMA  I suggest you go there by car or taxi.

The another billions is in the centre of the Rome in Barberini

Via Vittorio Veneto 13, 00187 Rome, Italy Take the metro line A and get off in Barberini.

Have a pleasant gaming!

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The Night of the Museums, Cancelled

The Night of the Museums, due to take place tonight, has been cancelled to mourn the victims of a blast that killed a student and hurted other 7 in a school in Brindisi (south of Italy)

As of yet no reivindications are known, but many suspect the mafia is involved in the blast.

There are no news as to when the Night of the Museums may be rescheduled.

Night of the museums 19.5.2012

All the museums are open at night! This national event is organised by Culture24. Once again the city of Rome is presenting the “Night of the Museums”: state museums, civic museums, city libraries, private museums, foreign academies and cultural institutions, La Sapienza University, cultural institutes and houses, Rome’s historical buildings are all set to remain especially open from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.. Admission is free. Night owls can look forward to a weekend of events as museums unlock their doors for the annual after-hours celebrations from 18-20 May 2012.

Here’s a couple of tips where to go: lanotte

19 May 2012

Roman Sensations
A chance to explore the Roman Baths at night and take part in a variety of Roman sensory and entertainment themed activities across the whole site. Try Roman wine, listen to music and poetry, try on Roman togas and find out more about fragrances the Romans used.
Suitable for: 18+, 16-17, Not suitable for children

19 May 2012

1940s Night at the Building of Bath Collection

We will be taking the museum back to the 1940s with an evening of music in the museum to accompany our exhibition Repairing War Torn Bath. During the evening which is free admission to all, visitors can also view items from our collections and the Bath Preservation Trust archives which date from the second world war. Archive tours will take place at 8pm, 8.40pm and 9.20pm with places limited to 12 on a first come first served basis.
A ration of chocolate will be given to any visitors arriving in appropriate 1940s costume!

Blogger – Heidi

The Catacombs of San Callisto

The catacombs of St. Callisto arose in the middel of the second century and are among the largest and most important of Rome. They are located on the Via Appia Antica, after the church of “Quo Vadis”..


In them were buried tens of martyrs, 16 popes and many Christians. Take their name from St.Callisto deacon, who, at the beginning of the third century, was appointed by Pope Zephyrinus administration of the cemetery and so the catacombs of St. Callisto became the official cemetery of the Church of Rome.


The underground cemetery consists of several areas. The Crypt of the Popes is the most sacred and important of these catacombs, called “the little Vatican” because they were buried 9 popes and probably 8 dignitaries of the Church of the 3 rd century.

The Crypt of St. Cecilia, the patron saint of popular music. Born into a noble Roman family, was martyred in the third century. Buried where his statue now stands, was worshiped here for at least five centuries


Passing through imposing galleries full of niches, we reach five small rooms, real family tombs, called cubicles of the Sacraments, and especially important for their frescoes. The frescoes dating from the early 3 rd century and represent symbolically the sacraments of Eucharist and baptizm


So if your thinking to visit Rome, don’t miss the occasion to visit the catacombs! Our hotel gives you the best deal and accomodation!


Let’s Jazz & Blues in Rome!

jazz2If you don’t know any good live music club or any good jazz club in Rome, here is one good place to go! It’s called Cotton Club. In a retro atmosphere where you can enjoy your wine in the company of international artists, in front of the stage. This club offers you unforgettable music evening with Jazz and Blues, but also Latin american music, covers from the 60s’ and the 70s’ and more! This club is known among the locals and it’s a great wine bar after your dinner.

The restaurant opens at 20.30.  Price only 35 euros, including full dinner and concert admission. (excluding drinks). Dopocena Wine Bar (after dinner bar) from 22.00. Price 15 euros to enter the concert and the frist drink included. The Show begins at 22.15 and don’t forget to book your table before! This bar is also ideal for the private events! 

Here is one upcoming event: Saturday 19.05.2012 The Flippersjazz

With the energy of the ’60s and ’70s, when the band reaped success mixing genres at first sight very distant (famous jazz songs translated version of chachacha, twist, surf, Hully Gully) in albums such as “Muskrat Ramble cha cha cha (it was their first single, and sold 240 000 copies in one week), Jada, the cha cha cha of Hangman (with Jimmy Fontana and Gianni Meccia, who sang in chorus with the band), to the iconic I Watussi carried along with songwriter Edoardo Vianello, who made a million copies sold.  Romolo Forlai on vibes, Maurizio Catalano on guitar, clarinet and saxophone Mauritius Moscatelli, Paris Furzi on bass, Jimmy Polosa floor, the young Benedict Amoroso on trumpet, Fabrizio Zampa drums.

Book your table here: Mobile:3490709468 Telephone:0697615246

 Via Bellinzona n.2 (Corso Trieste) – 00198 Roma

More information about the artists and the bands in the Cotton Club

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Etruscans: Mystery and legends

etruscan The National Museum of Villa Giulia is a place in Rome where you can discover the fascinating civilization of the Etruscans.The history of this ancient lost people it is still full of mystery and legends.

The greek mythology tells us about the domination of Etruscans pirates  in the Mediterranean Sea.They  established colonies on Corsica, Sardinia and perhaps even Spain and also founded cities in Tuscany( Viterbo, Tarquinia)and Capua (nearby Naples), at the time the last step of the Appian Way.

Nowadays the museum, once a papal palace shelters a priceless colection of art from the mysterious Etruscans. Known for their sophisticated art and design, they left a legacy of sarcophagi, bronze sculptures, terra-cotta vases and jewerly.

If you have time for only the masterpieces just look for the remarkable 6th century B.C. Apollo from Veio.The other two widely acclaimed statues here are Dea con Bambino(Godess with a Baby) and a greatly mutilated but still powerful Hercules.

Final, one of the most important Etruscan art treasures is the bride and bridegroom coffin, maybe one of the most romantic and iconic images of the ancient world.

Our hotels,Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes are in perfect location! Stay with us to enjoy  your summer holiday and learn more about the Etruscans!


Vatican Museums & Colosseum at night

If you want to see art at night the Vatican museums will return for the fourth year running on 4th May. This has by now become a fixed event in Rome’s spring and summer calendar. So, beginning on 4 May, the Vatican Museums will be open every Friday from 7.00 to 11.00 pm. The Night Openings will continue to 26 October (except for the period from 20 July to 31 August).

MUSEUM SECTORS OPEN TO VISITS: Egyptian Museum, Pio-Clementine Museum, Upper Galleries of the Vatican Museums, (Gallery of Tapestries and Candelabra, Hall of Maps),Raphael’s Rooms, Borgia Apartment (limited to Rooms I, III, IV, XIII, XXVIII), Collection of Modern Religious Art, Sistine Chapel.

This exclusive invitation to visit the Museums by night is addressed not only to all tourists, Italian and foreign, for whom the Vatican Museums are a “sanctuary of art and faith” – to use the words of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI – but also and above all to all the Roman public, normally too busy to visit the Museums during the day.

Full price ticket € 15,00+€4,00 reservation fee                vatican476814538_292fd708df

Reduced price ticket € 8,00+€ 4,00 reservation fee 

Online booking is required! You can do the booking in HERE!

Colosseum night opening

Small groups of tourists, lead by an archaeologist, will walk through the monument, reaching the most important spots.It will be explained the history of the Colosseum, the “Nerone” exhibition and the hypogeum during the night opening.The end of the visit will lead to the arena: it will be possible to look at Colosseum underground rooms, to know their functioning and how they were employed during the games.

This amazing visit will be accompained by the light of a “private” moon, over the monument: the atmosphere recreated will be as close as possible to the full moon nights of the Ancient Empire.

Colosseum-at-night-1From 08.20 pm to 22.45 pm it will be possible to join a group guided tour to the Colosseum, the “Nerone” exhibition and to the hypogeum.

The reservation is compulsory and includes the entrance ticket and the guided tour. More Information about the ticket prices and tour dates you’ll find it HERE! 

Via Magenta, 15 – 00185 Rome, Italy Tel : +39 06 44363836 Fax : + 39 06 44363829

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Cypress Hill in Rome 2012



There’s still a few months at the Rock in Rome 2012 but the program of guest artists is already taking shape day after day, leaving portends to be an issue for the biggest summer music festival in the capital. confirmed another band that will be part of the rock in rome: The Cypress Hill.


They are distinguished by the almost constant presence of skulls as the theme for the covers of their productions. They made ??a long series of individuals during the nineties, thanks to these individuals, have sold over 17 million records and racked up 15 between platinum, double platinum and gold.The Cypress Hill is an American hip hop group, considered one of the pillars of the Latin rap group.


The band makes it back to Italy on June 26 2012, after the concert in Milan last year and we will live this Roman concert together.

Tickets are on sale from April 3 in these ways:
Ticket price: € 34 + advance
Ticket price in cash on the evening of the show: € 40.00

And don’t forget to contact us to get the best accommodation in Rome!


Gelato Wanted!

 Summer is almost at the door and the days are getting warmer and warmer each day.

When you’re walking in the streets of Rome all day, you will feel like you need a break and something to cool you down.

In a hot day or evening, the best choice for cool down is an ice cream bar! (Gelateria)

Gelato is typically flavored with fresh fruit purees, cocoa and/or nut pastes. If other ingredients such as chocolate flakes, nuts, small confections, cookies, or biscuits are added, they are added after the gelato is frozen. Gelato made with fresh fruit, sugar, and water and without dairy ingredients is sorbet.

Here is a couple of very good ice cream bars in the centre of the Rome.You should try at least another one of these! giolitti

Giolitti: I recommend this is strictly! In my opinion you get the best ice cream from there. There are many different flavours and choices in wich way you want your ice cream. Good location, friendly staff and so sweet flavours!   You might have to wait in the queue for a while, because it’s the most famous ice cream bar in Rome, but it’s worth it!        

How to get there?

From termini station:
Metro A —> Spagna  

Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma 06 699 1243


 blueiceBlue Ice: Is very nice and trendy ice cream bar. It is popular among young people, maybe becouse it is modern and nice place to hang out while eating ice cream. There are several choises different flavours. You can take a cup for your ice cream or just in the tradinitional way. Very delicious gelato! In the area of the Rome there are nine blue ice bars, so there’s many ice cream bars where to choose.

Blue Ice gelato bar: San Pietro, Trastevere, Eustachio, Campo Di Fiori, Spagna, Trevi, Sistina, Navona, Tiburtina

Find your closest bar from here! Via Magenta, 15 – 00185 Rome, Italy
Tel : +39 06 44363836 Fax : + 39 06 44363829

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