Karaoke in Rome!


A couple of weeks ago I was looking for karaoke pubs in Rome. I found on the internet an Irish pub called Scholars Lounge. It looked very inviting so I went there with my friend.

There’s a karaoke on every Sunday and Tuesday from 10.30 P.M.

I love singing so I was very exited to get there.

It has a good location in the centre of Rome just around the corner from Piazza Venezia.

We went there around ten o’clock and it was already full of Irish people and also people from another countries. The atmosphere was nice and cozy. I saw only happy people around me.

The bar is separated in two parts. In the first part, there are many televisions showing some sport programs, like football. In another part there’s the karaoke. There’s a nice small stage for singers. The lightning and the sound is good so even there’s a lot of noise you can hear everything what you sing because of the good sound!


So, then I had to choose a song. The song list  was very thick! There are songs for everybody no matter what age you are. It’s for everybody. You can find songs from different categories like pop, jazz, blues, rock etc…  I decided to sing Led Zeppelins “Whole lotta love”. The karaoke started and the karaoke host sang few songs first. Very impressive, I have to say. He had a good charisma and voice. After him it was my turn. I went to the stage and first I felt a little bit shy, but in a few seconds this feeling was gone, because the audience was so nice and friendly. After my song was finished I got a big big applause! It was so amazing!

No matter what’s your singing level, the audience treats everybody in the same way.

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