DanteLa Divina Comedia is considered a masterpiece of world literature and a milestone of culture in Italy. It is divided into three parts: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

Its author,  Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) is known as the Supreme Poet and is also called the Father of the Italian language.

From this epic poem was born the Dante Live Project, a multimedia concert for piano played by two performers. The musical performance includes reading recited passages from the work and images of some famous artists  like Delacroix and Doré.

The event is under the Honorary presidence of Maestro Ennio Moricone (composer of some of the most wonderful film music, theatre and radio).The show will be performed at St Andrew’s Church located  about half way between Piazza della Republica and Palazzo dell Quirinale, near Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel.

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WHERE: St Andrew’s Church in Via XX Settembre, 7 Rome (Barberini Metro station)

WHEN: Saturday 24th March  at 6.30 pm

TICKET PRICE: 10 euros

Our blogger: Daniel