Have you seen this man in Rome?


The great Jacopo Robusti ALIAS Tintoretto (his father, Giovanni known as a dyer and so taking the name meaning little dyer for this) ALIAS Il Furioso (powerful and colourful style inspiring life itself).


Tintoretto is accused of painting great masterpieces in the Venetian interpretation of the renaissance style. Tintoretto has also created huge canvas, one of them with a record (the largest one in history) named The Paradise.


He can be seen from 24th February 2012 until the 10th June 2012 at the Scuderia del Quirinale in Rome. There you can check works like:


The Deposition (1594) from the Monastry of San Giorgio Maggiore, the Miracle of the Slave painted in 1548 for the Scuola Grande di San Marco, Madonna of the Treasurers and the Stealing of the Dead Body of St. Mark, both from the Gallerie dell’Accademia, Jesus Among the Doctors (1542) lent by the Milan Cathedral’s Diocesan Museum, the St Mary of Egypt and the St Mary Magdalen from the Scuola Grande di San Rocco and the Last Supper from the Venetian church of San Trovaso with another version of the same subject, from the church of San Polo.


If you see Tintoretto in Rome, report it to your friends (we are sure they will be delighted)… 




WHERE: SCUDERIE DEL QUIRINALE in  Via 24 Maggio, 16 Rome.  06 39967500


WHEN: From 24th February 2012 until the 10th June 2012


Ticket Price: 10 euros



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