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DanteLa Divina Comedia is considered a masterpiece of world literature and a milestone of culture in Italy. It is divided into three parts: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

Its author,  Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) is known as the Supreme Poet and is also called the Father of the Italian language.

From this epic poem was born the Dante Live Project, a multimedia concert for piano played by two performers. The musical performance includes reading recited passages from the work and images of some famous artists  like Delacroix and Doré.

The event is under the Honorary presidence of Maestro Ennio Moricone (composer of some of the most wonderful film music, theatre and radio).The show will be performed at St Andrew’s Church located  about half way between Piazza della Republica and Palazzo dell Quirinale, near Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel.

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WHERE: St Andrew’s Church in Via XX Settembre, 7 Rome (Barberini Metro station)

WHEN: Saturday 24th March  at 6.30 pm

TICKET PRICE: 10 euros

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Have you seen this man in Rome?


The great Jacopo Robusti ALIAS Tintoretto (his father, Giovanni known as a dyer and so taking the name meaning little dyer for this) ALIAS Il Furioso (powerful and colourful style inspiring life itself).


Tintoretto is accused of painting great masterpieces in the Venetian interpretation of the renaissance style. Tintoretto has also created huge canvas, one of them with a record (the largest one in history) named The Paradise.


He can be seen from 24th February 2012 until the 10th June 2012 at the Scuderia del Quirinale in Rome. There you can check works like:


The Deposition (1594) from the Monastry of San Giorgio Maggiore, the Miracle of the Slave painted in 1548 for the Scuola Grande di San Marco, Madonna of the Treasurers and the Stealing of the Dead Body of St. Mark, both from the Gallerie dell’Accademia, Jesus Among the Doctors (1542) lent by the Milan Cathedral’s Diocesan Museum, the St Mary of Egypt and the St Mary Magdalen from the Scuola Grande di San Rocco and the Last Supper from the Venetian church of San Trovaso with another version of the same subject, from the church of San Polo.


If you see Tintoretto in Rome, report it to your friends (we are sure they will be delighted)… 




WHERE: SCUDERIE DEL QUIRINALE in  Via 24 Maggio, 16 Rome.  06 39967500


WHEN: From 24th February 2012 until the 10th June 2012


Ticket Price: 10 euros



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rock in rome 2012

Incubus were formed by vocalist and founder Brandon Boyd, undisputed charismatic leader training, Mike Einziger from the acrobatic, imaginative and innovative guitarist, Ben Kenney, who took over in 2003 to previous bassist Dirk Lance, drummer Jose Pasillas and co-founder and Chris Killmore

The band announce their upcoming European tour which will see them back in Italy on the 25th of june at Rock in Rome. Few bands know how to renew itself from album to album like Incubus, as evidenced by the last “If not now … when?”, The sixth studio work for Brandon Boyd and his companions. Their first album “enjoy incubus”, was a pure bundle of energy, perfected a few months later with the masterpiece funky / crossover, entitled “SCIENCE”, where Incubus were distinguished by the freshness of sound, great technical skills and extraordinary talent as composer.

With the tracks “Make Yourself” and “Morning View” Incubus lead in contact with sounds more accessible, consecrating their success around the world.

The single “Drive” and “Wish You Were Here” became international hits and the band Incubus pass from the status of alternatives to the trend setters of American rock.

Here’s the detail of the concert:

Ippodromo le capannelle-rome

Ticket price €36-opening time 18.00-concert start 21.30

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