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Tamara de Lempicka in Rome

No artist undersood and depicted the thirties in all its tragical beauty as Tamara De Lempicka. Now an exposition will bring to the Eternal City some of her most important works.


The exhibition “Tamara de Lempicka the Queen of Modernity”on the Monumental Complex of the Vittoriano will homage one of the best known and loved of the Deco period, a symbol of the modernist tendencies of the Twenties and Thirties.

Perhaps the first artist to give an image of women as modern and emancipated in her paintings, she was a symbol of elegance and transgression. It will be nice to see something different in our museums.

A unique style all her own, it’s impossible not to recognize how Lempicka  created iconic images of an era and how her view reflects and age and its state of mind.

So…if you’ll be in Rome in that period you can enjoy it!

Stay with us at the Hotel Des Artistes which is a very central location and we are happy to inform you about  many other events in Rome!

Where: Complesso del Vittoriano
When: 11 March- 10 July, 2011
How to get there: Take the blue subway line and get off at the station “Colosseo”, than walk until Piazza Venezia.

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