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The Cappuccini Crypt: close encounters with the dead in the heart of Rome


In the center of Rome, between many fine shops and restaurants on one of the most luxurious and famous in Rome can begin a very special (and frightening) experience!

Here are preserved the mortal remains of nearly 4000 people. Given the narrowness of the place, the Capuchin brothers decided to make a virtue of necessity. In mid-1700 decided to decorate the walls with the bones of the dead buried there. The environment is, therefore, entirely covered with skulls, tibias, femurs, docks, vertebrae, scapula, phalanges, etc..

Capuchin monks were buried here until 1870. The burial ground for the Mass in the Chapel was reserved for the burial of the poor.

Cripta_dei_Cappuccini_-_RomaThe rooms are 6, all of these decorative motifs made with the bones joined by a narrow corridor: Crypt of the Resurrection, Chapel of the Mass, the crypt of skulls, the crypt of the basins, the femurs and tibias of the crypt, the crypt of the three skeletons


The compositions made with the various bones of the body form rosettes, pilasters, stars, flowers, garlands and chandeliers and even a clock. There are also full of skeletons, such as the Princess Barberini with the right hand holding a sickle (the symbol of death) and the left holds a scale (symbol of divine justice that comes to souls after the death of the body)

The Capuchin Crypt can be one of the most memorable of your Experiences in Rome! Book with us at the hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel and you’ll definitely have an unique experience!

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