Van Gogh in Rome!

-After 20 years the Dutch master comes back to Rome with a not-to-be-missed exhibition that will draw crowds from all around the world.


The artist, the dreamer: Vincent van Gogh. Between change and permanency. Always in constant evolution searching for eternal. This two forces represented in the dual environment city-country. The city in constant evolution, the countryside peaceful and  unchangeable . The exhibition ‘’Campagna senza tempo e città moderna’’ focused in the contrast of this duality that has equally fascinated the painter.

 At the Vittoriano Museum , 110 works from Van Gogh from October 9th 2010 until 30th January 2011 paintings from the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Guggenheim, the ‘Hammer Museum, National Gallery of Canada, the National Tate and the Louvre, all selected by Cornelia Homburg.

recensione-complesso-del-vittoriano-roma-P11550PZOn one side,  the city a place where industrial development was changing forever the destiny of man, on the other the hard but honest  life of the peasants, for van Gogh a timeless value.

 An artist whose delicate psychological balance and talent leaded to a generous social impulse toward religious artistic expression. Drawings depicting mostly menial workers in mines (He read popular novels describing the misery of the populations of industrial cities). His social sensitivity embrace everyday people an his conflicts but at the same time seeing nature as direct experience of the Divine.

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Our blogger today: Marcelo

In Short

When: 9 october 2010- 30 january 2011
Where: Vittoriano Museum.
How to get there: From our hotels, buses 492 and 40 will take in about 20 minutes to the Museum Vittoriano.
Tickets: Full € 10.00/Reduced € 7.50