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Florence and the Machine Visits Rome

-After a long internal struggle Ilaria brings you the nuts and bolts of the upcoming visit of the new British pop sensation, Florence and the Machine.

Our Blogger: Ilaria

florence-and-the-machineOne of the events more expected this summer in Rome is the concert of a talented and sensual English singer: her name is Florence Welch, playing with her band, “the machine”, she’s already been defined as heiress of Kate Bush, Siouxsie e Pj Harvey and very soon she has became the pop diva more appreciated and cuddled on the English stage , climbing the charts of half the world and conquering the Italian radios too with the single  You’ve got the love.

After staying at the very first position on the English charts and winning the  Brit Awards with the album  Lungs, there are rumors about a  collaboration of her with Thom York , the singer of Radiohead.

HThe band’s debut album is a very original work that doesn’t betray the best English tradition, being able anyway to  go beyond the definition of independent rock . This album was made inside a debunked synagogue with the help of  two among the most sought-after producers   : James Ford (already working for Klaxons and Arctic Monkeys) and Paul Epworth (Bloc Party).

When Florence was very young at school she was a “peculiar character”  who used to read Poe and Jack The Ripper, to listen to the Velvet Underground and make gothic drawings  ( so that her mates used to define her as “macabre” ) : a teenager’s past a little bit dark transformed into an absolutely bright present; Florence says “ I love singing, I love dancing, I love playing the drums. The fact that someone pays me for doing it, well is just incredible”.

Florence has also been chosen by the Blur to open their concert in London and Manchester in June 2009. The band’s Roman concert will take place at the Auditorium Parco Della Musica, located only a short bus trip away from Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes.

In Short

When: July 22nd, 2010

Where: Auditorium Parco Della Musica, Viale Pierre De Coubertin, Rome

How to get there: From Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes,go to the Termini station and take the bus 910 or M (available only the days on which concerts take place)
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First May concert in Rome

Our blogger: Raul


The first of may concert is already a tradition in Rome. Every year on this day some of the most famous singers and rock bands in Italy are summoned to the square of Saint John in the Lateran to play to an enthusiastic crowd.

The event, originally planned as a celebration of the workers’ day, is so popular that many people come from towns all over Italy to enjoy a day of music and sight-seeing in the Eternal City. If you want to get a taste of good Italian music and some of the fun that comes with an open-air event like this one, this is your best bet.

vinicio-caposselaThis year the featured artist will be Vinicio Capossela, a cult singer well-known in Italy for his strange looks and his re-imagination of Italian folklore. Another interesting names in the cast are Paolo Nutini and Irene Grandi and Carmen Consoli, two great musicians and songwriters. By the way, this year the host of the concert will be a woman for the first time, almosT a hommage to the growing urgence of Italian women to create and participate in all aspects of life.

To get to Saint John’s sqare from Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes: all you have to do is take the red subway line from the Termini station and then get off at San Giovanni. Since some hours before the concert the station is closed, due to the great affluence of attendants you might need to get off one station before, at Manzoni, and then get walking to Saint John’s.