XVI Rome Marathon

Our Blogger: Angelo

MaratonadiRoma16.03.08043One of the most exciting sporting events in Rome is the annual Marathon which will see the city center turned into a pedestrian  zone with concerts, shows and performances

It will take place March 21, 2010 at 9.00am where the race will start at   Via dei Fori Imperiali, under the shadow of the Colisseum.

For those who would like to live a great day this marathon is a not-to-be-missed event. Even if you are not the sport type, there will be a parallel event, the “Roma Run”, a non-competitive 4 Km run for those who want to be part of the celebration but are not trained marathonists.

They also will activate the “Marathon Village”,there will be dining, health care items, bus service, radio service of civil protection, resuscitation centers: everything necessary to  enjoy of a sporting event in all safety

You can also be the protagonist by participating and obviously having the chance of winning this incredible race . Here at Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes we will have many people from all over the world participating,  join us to make your dream a reality!


• € 35.00 – until November 23, 2009
• € 42.00 – until December 21, 2009
• € 55.00 – until January 28, 2010
• € 65.00 – until March 8, 2010

Recommended changes or any requests and / or additions to the rankings will be accepted by 25.03.2010 and should be sent to the e-mail info@tds-live.com. Thereafter, standings will be final.

For more info please visit www.maratonadiroma.it