The telescope, or how Galileo changed our point of view

galileo It’s incredible: just think that Galileo borrowed the idea of the telescope by small tubes equipped with lenses, a kind toy you could say. This was produced in Holland and Galileo found it in the streets of Venice around the year 1609. And so almost by accident was possible to confirm the revolutionary theories of Nicolaus Copernicus. Now humanity could look straight on the eyes the Milky Way. The striking revelation (or confirmation If you prefer): the Earth is not the center of the universe.

Here is the contribution of the Great Galileo to the human race: changing your point of view, changing the way we look at things (and the way we should look at ourselves).

Galileo telescopioFrom October 31st to January 6, 2010 will take place the exhibition ”The Galileo’s telescope. The tool that changed the world’’ will take place in Rome at the Palazzo Incontro. Opening hours from 10 to 19, every day except Monday. The exhibition displays l replicas of ancient instruments as well as important documents and manuscripts. It’s about a fascinating journey that allows us to know the strong connection between science, culture and religion during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The exhibition also shows the evolution of techniques for producing lenses and mirrors, glasses and dark rooms.

The Palazzo Incontro is located in Via dei Prefetti 22, easy to reach from our locations with the bus 492 arriving there in no more than 20 minutes. Check or for more information about our services and location.