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Nero is burning to meet you at Anzio

-A new exhibition at Anzio, near Rome, gathers unique material from the Capitoline Museums and the British Museum to tell the story of one of the most famous Roman emperors.

Our Blogger: Marcelo

If while visiting Rome you feel like escaping from its bustling- crowd streets Anzio is a very good option. Anzio (called Antium in ancient times) is a small town, only one hour direct train from Rome or by car, by Via Nettunense (SS207) or Via Ardeatina (SS601).

A quiet beach, restaurants that will offer you fresh sea food and now a fantastic exhibition that describes one of the most controversial Roman Emperor.

Nero was born at Anzio in 37 D.C. His birthplace was the site of a magnificent imperial residence. Tyranny and extravagance are concepts almost automatically linked with his name, he is remembered as the emperor who fiddled while Rome burned. Nevertheless the study of Nero is complex. Nowadays modern historians question the reliability of ancient sources when reporting on account of his behavior.

Many interesting works of art have been found in this picturesque town : the Fanciulla d’Anzio , the Borghese Gladiator (Louvre Museum) and the Apollo Belvedere in the Vatican were all discovered in the ruins of villas at Anzio.

The Exhibition "Anzio and Nero – Treasures from the British Museum and the Capitoline Museums" will take place in the The Museo Civico Archeologico of Anzio. Free admission!!! It will be open every day from 10:30 to 12:30 and from 16:00 to 19:30 (until 16 January 2010). So you can have a look at the extraordinary finds from the villa and other residences, scattered memories that will provide a clue about the man who ordered the execution of his own mother, and at the same time has been successful in diplomacy and trade during his rule.

One of the hit-points of the exhibition is the bronze statuette depicting a young emperor. It is assumed to be Nero. It was discovered in England near a Roman settlement in the first century AD and kept at the British Museum.

For further information you can send an email to or Check our availability at or We are located only two steps from the train station, from where you get the train to Anzio. We hope you’ll enjoy it!


-An upcoming exhibition will open a window to the universe in the Eternal city.

Our Blogger: Marcelo.

When you come to Rome, you are looking for answers. Rome is romantic, is exciting and full of life. It gives you a clue about our origin. It tells us something about how our civilization came to be. That is why is one of the most wonderful adventures. It’s a chance to discover ourselves. It tells us who we are and where are we coming from.

You may want to go deeper right to the Big Questions. Why not? Big questions regarding not only our society but Universe itself. Now in Rome you can find that answers too.

What is the origin and destiny of the Cosmos?

What are the Matter and Dark Energy, which occupy most of our Universe?

Are there parallel worlds?

What is exactly a black hole?

Tracking back all the sings coming from the most remote places in space and time. The whole Universe is sending us a message and technology give us the chance to grasp it.

This is what ‘’Astri e Particelle. Le Parole dell’Universo’’ (meaning ‘’Stars and Particles. The words of the Universe’’) is about .  this incredible exhibition will take place at the Palazzo delle Espozioni in Rome from 26th October 2009 to 14th February 2010.

Special effects in two and three dimensions. Gardens of galaxies displayed in all their beauty before your eyes. Information regarding many experiments related to light, gravity and basic particles. A glimpse of the great achievements of science.

If you feel like understanding and feeling the beauty of the Great Mystery, visit it.

The Palazzo delle Esposizione is located in Via Nazionale, 194. In the centre of Rome. Tickets are available from 7,00 euros to 15 euros. Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: from 10:00 to 20:00, Friday and Saturday: from 10:00 to 22:30, Monday closed (it could change, check by phone first).

Our locations are very near to this exhibition. Check or and make a booking today to enjoy everything Rome has to offer.

For further information:                                                                                                                               +39 06489411, +39 0668301087 (fax).


Our Blogger: Ariana

I’m sure that all of you have heard about the cow parade which already took place in numerous big and famous cities all over the world likes New York, Chicago, Sidney, London, Paris, San Paolo, Tokyo, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, Madrid. On it, colorful cow sculptures are shown in the streets of the cities and people are able not only to admire them, but also to interact with them

Finally is Rome’s turn: starting from August there will be available a preview of the event which will take place in the city from April the 12th till 12 of June 2010. The cows will be placed in different streets and squares of the Eternal City for the viewing pleasure of tourists and romans,

Join a world of creativity and charity. In fact all the money will be devolved trough Ageing Society.Besides the cow parade is actually is an important window for well-know and risings artists.

Stay with us and enjoy the cows!!!!! Here at Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes we’ll be more than happy to give you all the suggestions and indications you need to have an icredible vacation in Rome.