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From May 26th until June 25th if you are in Rome you have the chance to get a little ‘’lunatic’’. In fact the term ‘’lunatic’’ has a connexion with ‘’luna’’ which means “moon” in Italian. So the eighth edition of the festival of literature in Rome is called "Earth- Moon. An infinite resonance." The idea is to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the first man on the moon. Through history the Moon has inspired artists, poets, scientists and lovers…just think of Dante, Ariosto, Galileo, men who like many others have been moved by its creative energy. Therefore, the subject appears to be more than suitable.

The event will take place in the Basilica of Maxentius, in the forum area. Sixteen narrators, 2 scientists, 8 poets who will read passages in seven different languages: Greek, Italian, Spanish, English, French, Dutch and Swedish. Solar panels have been installed to provide energy on the set.

This time the line of background music was changed. The choice wasto leave jazz to give space for the first time to the fantasy genre and the songwriter Vinicio Capossela was invited.

Here is the complete program for every evening:

Tuesday 26th May
COLPI DI LUNA scritture di vita
Andrew Sean Greer – Margaret Mazzantini
Musica in via di definizione

Friday 29th May

LUNAR PARK scritture stralunate
Edoardo Albinati – Vinicio Capossela con Costantino Cinaski
Musica Alessandro Stefana

Thursday 4th June

THE SHADOW OF THE MOON scritture dell’immaginario
John A. Lindqvist – Licia Troisi
Musica I Giardini di Mirò

Friday 5th June

Giuseppe Conte – Maurizio Cucchi – Michel Deguy – Eugenio De Signoribus –
Mariangela Gualtieri – Jolanda Insana – Antonio Riccardi – Mark Strand
Musica Luna Reverse

Tuesday 9 June

THE MOON ON THE WELL favole e affabulatori
Roberto Piumini – Andrea Vitali
Musica Sulutumana

Thursday 11 June
THE WIND OF THE MOON scritture dell’altro mondo
Antonio Muñoz Molina
BESTIARIO DELLA TERRALUNA con le sue musiche e i suoi versi
Ermanno Cavazzoni
Musica Vincenzo Vasi, Antonio Borghini e Mirko Sabatini

Tuesday 16th June

THE LAW OF THE MOON le inchieste di carta
John Grisham – Petros Markaris
Musica Calibro 35

Thursday 18th june

THE MOVEMENTS OF THE MOON scritture migranti
Kader Abdolah – Nicolai Lilin
Musica Raffaele Costantino DJ set

Tuesday 23th June
MOON ECLIPSES gialli di storie e lettere
Björn Larsson – Matthew Pearl
Musica Gianni Music DJ set

Tuesday 25th June

CELESTIAL MECHANICS dalla terra alla luna
Carlo Rovelli – Mario Tozzi
Musica Port Royal live set

Free entrance (limited to the amount of people in the audience). You can be there at 7 P.M on every day of the schedule shown above, consider the action begins at 9 P.M. For further information check:

The Basilica of Maxentius is very easy to reach from our locations, just a few minutes walking. Check or . Enjoy it!