Our Blogger: Arianna

Do you like flowers? In particular do you enjoy compositions with flowers?

If your answer is “yes” then we’re about to introduce you to one of the best events for you and one that i absolutely suggest you not to miss: the Infiorata, a flower festival that takes place in Genzano’s village very year in June.


Unfortunately my last time at the Infiorata had been 2 years ago and I invite you to visit their website in order to discover more about the old representation

Last year we talked about the Infiorata as well, so today I’ll try to say something different.

The history of the infiorata is strictly tied with religion and goes back on time at the XII century, when during the religious processions people use to throw petals of flowers. As time passed this costume evolved and people started to create small flower carpets in front of the houses built along the streets of the procession. Every year, the small carpet became every year a bit larger and more complex and now we have that the street which goes from the centre of the village to the Duomo is now like a huge, coloured, fragrant, carpet every year.

Believe me, it’s an extraordinary view!genz [320x200]

A curiosity: a lot of famous people wrote something about the Infiorata. Some examples: In 1834,Hans Christian Andersen, wrote an article on “The Improvisator” ; Richard Voss did the same at “ Latium in the Italian and foreign writers”.

Why don’t take this beautiful chance to see something unique? Stay with us at Hotel des Artistes and take an afternoon to visit Genzano and The Infiorata.