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Coming soon in Rome the presentation of the new movie based on Dan Brown’s Bestsellern: Angels and Demons.

Since the publication of the book  in Rome we have had a lot of people who we can certainly be called angels and demons’ tourists. In fact the plot develops between churches and squares and makes people feel the need to see those places in person.


The protgonist, Robert Langdon is a university proferssor expert in religious symbolism. The character is portrayed  by Thom Hanks, who had the same role on the previous film, the Da Vinci Code .

But this time the story, even if concerns religio too, is totally different.

Different is the female protagonist as well: Vittoria Vetra interpreted by Ayelet Zurer is an adopted child from Leonardo Vetra, a CERN scientist. Like the book also the movie starts with the mysterious death of the scientist who was working to produce anti-matter. The particularity of the death is that someone has seared a strange symbol on Vetra’s chest…

This is when Robert Langdon gets involved in an adventure that will take him in only 24 hours from the United States to Switzerland and Italy and that will see him fighting, with some of Rome’s most famous monuments as a backdrop, against and ancient brotherhood that seems determined to annihilate the catholic church

Naturally the happy end it’s guaranteed, but we won’t tell you much about it!

Can get more information on the official website:

For those of you that would like to try the tour just visit:


The movie will hit the theatres on may 15th, and of course, the ultimate Angels and Demons experience can only take place in the Eternal City. If you are planning to assist to the premiere or just want to see yourself the places mentioned in the book don’t hesitate to make booking a Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes in Rome!