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Considered one of the masters of the Japanese tradition of ukiyo-e (meaning “picturehiroshige_Hakone_Illustrazione_del_lago_1833_1834s  of the floating world”), Utagawa Hiroshige and his works fostered the knowledge of the natural beauties of his country abroad. A spectacular chance is given to visitors to admire these fabulous works in Rome with an exhibition hosted by the Museo del Corso until June 07th.


hiroshige_Coppia_di_anatre_in_un_corso_d_acqua_1834The Honolulu Academy of Art contributed with a rich selection of prints of the author which have been divided for the exhibition in four sections, preceded by a charming original Japanese-style garden.

The first section is dedicated to stunning snowy landscapes, while Tokyo is the epicentre of two sections, depicted in all its different corners: theatres, streets, shops. The fourth and last section highlights the influence Hiroshige had on the impressionistic taste and above all on Vincent Van Gogh. The reproduction of two Van Gogh works are presented and confronted with two landscapes of the Japanese artist in order to make evident this deep inspiration.

What’s left after this itinerary is the celebration of nature in all its forms through the eyes of one of the most sensitive traditional Japanese artists.

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