The concert of May the 1st is in Rome a tradition of good music and relax. Every year on that date a free concert is offered in the square of San Giovanni in Laterano (Saint John Lateran). Over the years, the most popular and best loved singers and bands in Italy have performed there to the joy of crowds that arrive in Rome from the most distant areas of the country just to have a good time.

In Italy this concert is sometimes associated with communism, since is meant to celebrate the labour day, and is organized by unions, but it’s a very loose association, so if you happen to be in the area that day, forget political prejudices and join in the fun.

A less fortunate tradition is the delay with which the performers for the concert are confirmed, but apparently this year the star will be Vasco Rossi. You might not know him, but he’s in Italy a down-to-earth rock hero, like Bruce Springsteen in the US, and his loud sound and raspy voice will sure make for good spectacle that day. If you want to get a feel of what Vasco can do when you give him a mic and a loving crowd, check the video on this post.

Other participants on this maratonic session of music will be Caparezza, Irene Grandi,stefano_bollani06_modena2007   the band Nomadi, Bandabardò (who are an exhilarating live experience, believe me) and the famous jazz pianist Stefano Bollani.

I used to work in the San Giovanni area a while ago, and I happened to be working during the concert one year. I have to say it was terrific. Back then the main bands performing were the Black Eyed Peas, and the Italian Subsonica. The atmosphere was youthful and relaxed. Everybody was having a ball, dancing, singing, sitting in the grass and eating whatever was available in the many little stands that pop-up on the square each year before the concert.

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