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Our Blogger: Michele


If you loved the concept of a recent film with Ben Stiller you’re gonna love this idea: on may 16th 2009 many museums in Rome will be open to allow you to admire its treasures in a unique way.

Among the museums you”ll be able to admire you have Palazzo Massimo (near hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel!), The National Museum of the Diocletian Baths, and the Caracalla Baths. All these museums and monuments will be open from 8:00 P.M until 2:00 A.M. That day is Saturday, and as usual in Rome, you’ll have the subway working until 1:30, so getting around will be easy too. Besides, the entrance will be free- All you have to do is show up and have a great time!

Villa_adriana_canopos [320x200]
This activity, that started on the year 2005, and is now followed on many other European cities is meant to invite citizens and tourists to rediscover museums and see them too as a place to develop social interactions. Many of the museums will organize special activities for that day, like Hadrian’s Villa, near Tivoli, where a night walk (with illumination of course) will take place.

Another tempting options are The Market of Trajan, The Capitoline Museums (an excelent choice!), The Pantheon and the Ara Pacis museum. All of them will be open during the night and the  entrance will be free.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the cultural richness of Rome under (literally) a different light. Hotel des Artistes and Yes Hotel are great choices for accomodation not only for its incredibly convenient location, but also for its great comfort standards


Our Blogger: Wanda

convoglia02 [320x200]

In the station Termini in Rome has just been inaugurated Convoglia, a quality restaurant  with 6 different areas: a gastronomic shop and osteria, a pizzeria and grill, a takeaway section, a wine bar and a fine restaurant.

Convoglia – roughly translated as “with joy” but also a play on the word convoglio, convoy in Italian- was opened with the aim of bringing back Romans to the Termini Station while offering to travellers and tourists, always afraid of falling into “tourists traps”, excellent Italian cuisine.

The smart structure of Convoglia is particularly convenient in a train station. If you have time you can decide to sit down and get a glass of wine, with one of the 13 types of pizza on the menu or if you are in a hurry on your way to the airport you can make a quick stop at the takeaway area –where “takeaway” doesn’t necessarily means lacking of imagination and care- to eat something on the run.

convoglia03 [320x200] If you are curious enough to take some time and enjoy the restaurant you’ll be rewarded with many interesting surprises. The menu combines the Italian and Roman tradition with other culinary inventions of great quality. Everything from the meat and the wine to the furniture and the architecture has been selected meticulously to create a unique experience for the visitor.

For further information visit their website. Convoglia is open from 7 A.M to 1 A.M

The Termini station is a very convenient zone to stay while in Rome: in the area surrounding it you’ll find many good restaurants –Convoglia among them, of course-, cinemas, boutiques and pharmacies, not to mention the fact that from it it’s really easy to move anywhere in Rome or in Italy. Near the Termini Station, Hotel des Artistes and Yes Hotel are great choices for its quality and great prices.


Our Blogger: Diana

Considered one of the masters of the Japanese tradition of ukiyo-e (meaning “picturehiroshige_Hakone_Illustrazione_del_lago_1833_1834s  of the floating world”), Utagawa Hiroshige and his works fostered the knowledge of the natural beauties of his country abroad. A spectacular chance is given to visitors to admire these fabulous works in Rome with an exhibition hosted by the Museo del Corso until June 07th.


hiroshige_Coppia_di_anatre_in_un_corso_d_acqua_1834The Honolulu Academy of Art contributed with a rich selection of prints of the author which have been divided for the exhibition in four sections, preceded by a charming original Japanese-style garden.

The first section is dedicated to stunning snowy landscapes, while Tokyo is the epicentre of two sections, depicted in all its different corners: theatres, streets, shops. The fourth and last section highlights the influence Hiroshige had on the impressionistic taste and above all on Vincent Van Gogh. The reproduction of two Van Gogh works are presented and confronted with two landscapes of the Japanese artist in order to make evident this deep inspiration.

What’s left after this itinerary is the celebration of nature in all its forms through the eyes of one of the most sensitive traditional Japanese artists.

A perfect option to get the most of an exciting city like Rome are Yes Hotel and Hotel De Artistes. Its great location will allow you to reach easily the most interesting cultural venues, and its high standards of confort will be a blessing after a long day of walking and sight-seeing!


This year again Rome will become the capital of tennis during May with the BNL Internazionale, a tournament that brings the best players in the world to the Eternal City.

serena_venus1 In fact, only the cream of the crop will meet this year in the Foro Italico, with the sad (for the males!) exception of Maria Sharapova, the Russian tennis celebrity who has decided to pull out of the tournament, since she is still not fully recovered from a shoulder surgery. Anyway, the top players of the WTA ranking will take part on the tournament, among them the popular sisters Serena and Venus Williams. Rafael Nadal will show up too and will be more than willing to take home again the first prize. Roger Federer, another world-class player will be looking for revenge, after two second places in past editions of the BNL Internazionale.

Almost as interesting as the tournament itself are the many side-events that will be  organized too. In fact this year will be held in Rome for the first time the tournament of beach tennis, assigned to Italy for the importance that the country has acquired in this new sport. As every year, too, there will be a special tournament for players in Wheelchairs.

As in the past years the BNL Internazionale will be held at the Foro Italico. To getrafael_nadal-sportsbook-bonus there from the Termini station take the red subway line and get off at the station Ottaviano. From there take the bus 32 and get off at the stop DE BOSIS/STADIO TENNIS.

For more information, check the official website, and to look for accommodation don’t hesitate to make a reservation at Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes, two great options to stay in Rome: both are strategically located near the Termini station and offer great quality and comfort for reasonable prices.



The concert of May the 1st is in Rome a tradition of good music and relax. Every year on that date a free concert is offered in the square of San Giovanni in Laterano (Saint John Lateran). Over the years, the most popular and best loved singers and bands in Italy have performed there to the joy of crowds that arrive in Rome from the most distant areas of the country just to have a good time.

In Italy this concert is sometimes associated with communism, since is meant to celebrate the labour day, and is organized by unions, but it’s a very loose association, so if you happen to be in the area that day, forget political prejudices and join in the fun.

A less fortunate tradition is the delay with which the performers for the concert are confirmed, but apparently this year the star will be Vasco Rossi. You might not know him, but he’s in Italy a down-to-earth rock hero, like Bruce Springsteen in the US, and his loud sound and raspy voice will sure make for good spectacle that day. If you want to get a feel of what Vasco can do when you give him a mic and a loving crowd, check the video on this post.

Other participants on this maratonic session of music will be Caparezza, Irene Grandi,stefano_bollani06_modena2007   the band Nomadi, Bandabardò (who are an exhilarating live experience, believe me) and the famous jazz pianist Stefano Bollani.

I used to work in the San Giovanni area a while ago, and I happened to be working during the concert one year. I have to say it was terrific. Back then the main bands performing were the Black Eyed Peas, and the Italian Subsonica. The atmosphere was youthful and relaxed. Everybody was having a ball, dancing, singing, sitting in the grass and eating whatever was available in the many little stands that pop-up on the square each year before the concert.

So, if you like music and crowds, Rome is the place to be next may. And the place to be in Rome are Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes, two excellent options for accommodation from which you’ll be able to explore the Eternal City. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you with this and many other suggestions to discover the most exciting sides of Rome.