Our Blogger: Lorenzo

If you happen to be traveling in Italy on February, I would like to familiarize you with a festival called “Carnevale”. It is most celebrated in Venice, where it first began, but all of Italy is festive during this period. This year, Carnevale started on the 12th of January and will end on the 24th of February.


The 19th of February is called “giovedì grasso” or “mardi gras” in other countries and it is the peak of the festival, when adults and children dress up and participate in the various activities organized throughout Italy. In Rome, where I experienced Carnevale, there are many activities such as theatre plays  and activities in the museums for the young and theme nights in the pubs and dance clubs for adults .

 carnevaleCarnevale time is mostly for children, where they wear costumes almost every day and go around the streets throwing confetti, however for adults “giovedì grasso” is a sort of Halloween where you can either dress up totally or just wear a mask. The last weekend before February the 24th is very fun with many parades organized throughout the city and towns nearby. There are many typical pastries to eat such as “frappe” and the city becomes more colorful with confetti covering the streets. This festive time is celebrated by young and old and it’s an experience I recommend to anyone traveling to Rome during this time. Information is available on internet, on the city of Rome website and posted in the various pubs and dance clubs.

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