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The Ghetto in Trastevere

The Jewish Ghetto in Rome [320x200] The Jewish Community in Rome dates back to the 1st Century BC and the Jewish Ghetto is one of the most fascinating areas in Rome, located along the Tiber (“Trastevere”). Its origins date back to the Inquisition when Pope Paul IV in 1555 confined the community to a small area, which took its name after the Jewish quarter in Venice.

   Jewish Kitchen: the main pillarsThe Jewish Ghetto is a popular tourist destination in Rome [320x200]

Kashrut” is the term used to indicate the Jewish dietary laws resulting from Torah’s Books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Further details were set down verbally.

The main principles are the following:

– pork and shellfish are forbidden;

– meat and dairy are not combined (two sets of utensils are used and ingredients are stored in two different fridges)

– meat must be ritually slaughtered (shochet) and blood completely removed.

Non kosher food is called “treif”.

LThe Jewish synagogue in the Jewish Ghetto, Rome [320x200]a taverna del ghetto

Hungry after a stroll in trastevere? La Taverna del ghetto is a delicious option if  you want to taste the true Jewish Romanesca in the respect of the culinary tradition. Located in the beautiful setting of the Portico d’Ottavia, a temple the Emperor Augustus dedicated to his sister, this restaurant serves home-made pasta and genuinely cooked meat and fish. So book into Hotel Des Artistes in Rome now and we’ll give you all the best pointers on this wonderful area!!


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