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Saint Paul, who died and was buried in Rome [50%]This year to celebrate the bimillenium birthday of Saint Paul, who is believed to have been born seven to ten years after Christ, between June 28th 2008 and June 29th 2009 "a series of liturgical, cultural and ecumenical events” take place. The Year is known as ”Paolina” and the various pastoral and social initiatives are set to inspire Christians worldwide. 

So now is a goodtime to go on a pilgrimage to the places which the great apostle visited during the final part of his life. These are some of the most important places.

A l’abbazia delle tre fontane – The Three Fountains Abbey 

The Church of the Three Fountains, Rome [320x200]

The place where St Paul was locked in a cell before receiving martyrdom is found in  the abbey of the Three Fountains (ex.Waters Sages) on Via Laurentina in Rome. The church is S.Maria Scala Coeli inside the courtyard of the abbey. Then inside, underneath, the crypt opens, and there is a sixteenth-century altar devoted to St. Zenone and the Martyr soldiers that kept St. Paul prisoner before his decapitation.

To the right of the church crossing a small piece of land full of trees is the place where St. Paul was killed. As the story goes, he was decapitated and jumped three times on the earth below. On those points of contact, it’s said three springs of water miraculously gushed out, and thus the name “The Three Fountains”.

Il Carcere Mamertino:

The carcere mamertino in Rome [320x200]The Jail Mamertino or Carcer Tullianum is the most ancient jail in Rome, known also as Jails mamertine.

Here St. Paul was imprisoned together with St. Peter .The story is that there was a miracle release of spring water in the jail and the two saints succeeded in converting the custodians of the jails. And it was from here that St. Paul was taken to be beheaded (The Church of the Three Fountains)

La Basilica San Paolo fuori le mura:The San Paolo Basilica in Rome where inside lies his tomb [320x200]

The great apostle was buried on the road that leads to Ostia, and for many centuries pilgrims visited his grave. Later, the Basilica was built on that spot, and today you can visit the sarcophagus of the Saint.

The values of the Saint are considered to have a strong influence on Christianity because his missions helped increase the number of Christians in the Greek and Roman world. After St. Giovanni the evangelist (St John), St Paul is the most wise and gifted writer of all the Apostles.St Paul's tomb is inside the church in Rome [50%]

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