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The Ghetto in Trastevere

The Jewish Ghetto in Rome [320x200] The Jewish Community in Rome dates back to the 1st Century BC and the Jewish Ghetto is one of the most fascinating areas in Rome, located along the Tiber (“Trastevere”). Its origins date back to the Inquisition when Pope Paul IV in 1555 confined the community to a small area, which took its name after the Jewish quarter in Venice.

   Jewish Kitchen: the main pillarsThe Jewish Ghetto is a popular tourist destination in Rome [320x200]

Kashrut” is the term used to indicate the Jewish dietary laws resulting from Torah’s Books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Further details were set down verbally.

The main principles are the following:

– pork and shellfish are forbidden;

– meat and dairy are not combined (two sets of utensils are used and ingredients are stored in two different fridges)

– meat must be ritually slaughtered (shochet) and blood completely removed.

Non kosher food is called “treif”.

LThe Jewish synagogue in the Jewish Ghetto, Rome [320x200]a taverna del ghetto

Hungry after a stroll in trastevere? La Taverna del ghetto is a delicious option if  you want to taste the true Jewish Romanesca in the respect of the culinary tradition. Located in the beautiful setting of the Portico d’Ottavia, a temple the Emperor Augustus dedicated to his sister, this restaurant serves home-made pasta and genuinely cooked meat and fish. So book into Hotel Des Artistes in Rome now and we’ll give you all the best pointers on this wonderful area!!


Via del Portico di Ottavia 8

Closed Friday Evenings


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Saint Paul, who died and was buried in Rome [50%]This year to celebrate the bimillenium birthday of Saint Paul, who is believed to have been born seven to ten years after Christ, between June 28th 2008 and June 29th 2009 "a series of liturgical, cultural and ecumenical events” take place. The Year is known as ”Paolina” and the various pastoral and social initiatives are set to inspire Christians worldwide. 

So now is a goodtime to go on a pilgrimage to the places which the great apostle visited during the final part of his life. These are some of the most important places.

A l’abbazia delle tre fontane – The Three Fountains Abbey 

The Church of the Three Fountains, Rome [320x200]

The place where St Paul was locked in a cell before receiving martyrdom is found in  the abbey of the Three Fountains (ex.Waters Sages) on Via Laurentina in Rome. The church is S.Maria Scala Coeli inside the courtyard of the abbey. Then inside, underneath, the crypt opens, and there is a sixteenth-century altar devoted to St. Zenone and the Martyr soldiers that kept St. Paul prisoner before his decapitation.

To the right of the church crossing a small piece of land full of trees is the place where St. Paul was killed. As the story goes, he was decapitated and jumped three times on the earth below. On those points of contact, it’s said three springs of water miraculously gushed out, and thus the name “The Three Fountains”.

Il Carcere Mamertino:

The carcere mamertino in Rome [320x200]The Jail Mamertino or Carcer Tullianum is the most ancient jail in Rome, known also as Jails mamertine.

Here St. Paul was imprisoned together with St. Peter .The story is that there was a miracle release of spring water in the jail and the two saints succeeded in converting the custodians of the jails. And it was from here that St. Paul was taken to be beheaded (The Church of the Three Fountains)

La Basilica San Paolo fuori le mura:The San Paolo Basilica in Rome where inside lies his tomb [320x200]

The great apostle was buried on the road that leads to Ostia, and for many centuries pilgrims visited his grave. Later, the Basilica was built on that spot, and today you can visit the sarcophagus of the Saint.

The values of the Saint are considered to have a strong influence on Christianity because his missions helped increase the number of Christians in the Greek and Roman world. After St. Giovanni the evangelist (St John), St Paul is the most wise and gifted writer of all the Apostles.St Paul's tomb is inside the church in Rome [50%]

So don’t miss this great opportunity to visit these monuments of religious and historical importance in Rome. And for your own convenience, why not stop by Hotel Des Artistes? Being so centrally located it’s a great choice for your holiday hotel.


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There are some practical issues that are common to all tourists visiting the eternal city. Most of them are impossible to know if you haven’t been to Rome, so here we show you a couple of things you might like to know before arriving.

Be aware of pickpockets

Watch out for pick pockets on the metro [320x200]

Rome is not a violent city. The only real danger are pickpockets. Be ware of them on the subway, or generally, wherever you find yourself in a crowd. They might steal something from your bags or backpacks or try to rip your purse to get what’s inside.

Be aware of taxi drivers

In Rome you cannot wave a taxi. There are two ways to get one: either you catch one from a taxi parking place (they’re located strategically, but that doesn’t mean that you’re garanteed to have one near) or you call one. Taxis in Rome...know how to play them [320x200]A couple of numbers to get a taxi in Rome are 063570 and 064994 (add 0039 if you’re using a cell phone with a non-italian SIM card), but since the automatic system that manages the calls is not bilingual, you might need to ask for help if you’re not fluent in Italian. By the way, once you get a cab be aware of the drivers! Make sure they use the meter to calculate the fare.

Get a Roma Pass

The Roma pass  is a special ticket that costs 20 euros and gives you access to the public transportation system for three days and to two museums you can choose from a list. The possibilities include some of the best museums in Rome, like the Museum in Villa Borghese, the Capitoline Museums and the Colosseum. In case you decide the Roma pass is not for you, there are other options (that include only transportation, though). The BIT is a ticket valid for 75 minutes, the Daily ticket costs 4 euros, the three-day ticket costs 11 euros, and the week-ticket 16 euros. Tickets can be bought in all the subway stations, newsstands, and Tobacco Shops.

A final word on airports

The gateway to Rome...Ciampino Airport [640x480]It might sound silly, but make sure you know the airport where your plane is departing from. There are two airports in Rome: Fiumicino (also known as Leonardo Da Vinci airport) and Ciampino. If you are staying in a hotel near Termini station, like hotel Des Artistes or Yes Hotel, arriving to any of them is not difficult at all: there’s a train called the  Leonardo Express  that goes to Fiumicino from Termini and leaves in the minutes 22 and 52 past the hour, starting at 5:52 with the last train at 22:52. For Ciampino, there are a couple of bus companies that will take you from the station to the airport. The ride takes half an hour, depending on the traffic, and the prices are 4,50 or 6,00 Euros.


Leonardo easy route to and from the airport [320x200] Now, if you want to save a couple of euros after a shopping spree in Rome, you can take a train to  Fiumicino Airport from Tiburtina subway station. The ride takes twice as long, but the ticket costs half the price than that of the Leonardo express. Your cheap option for the Ciampino airport is a bus that will take you from Anagnina (the last station on the red subway line) to the airport. That option should cost 2.20 Euros altogether, but make sure you get the right departure times so you won’t have problems getting there on time!

Last, but not least, make sure to get a room in a well-located hotel, near the most famous attractions in the city, Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel are two great options!


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A couple of weeks ago, a client came to the reception desk asking for directions to Via Varese. This street is just two blocks from us.

Suddenly, I began toBugs bunny - as famous in Italy as anywhere else in the world remember good memories from my childhood. My heroes and friends from that time came back to me in a flash of lively thought…
Like in the happiest party one could stage, all of them arrived at once. Just in time…           

So I welcomed Tweety, Sylvester, Duffy Duck, Speedy Gonzalez (who obviously arrived before the others) and the INEVITABLE Bugs bunny and his kind of friend, mean Mister Yosemite Sam.

The client I mentioned before was about to go to the Warner Brothers Office in Rome, located in Via Varese 16/B.

The Warner Bros company was founded in 1923 by brothers Harry (President), Albert, Sam and Jack.

In 1926, the studio produced the first film (Don Juan) by Alan Crosland. In 1927 came The Jazz Singer, by Crosland still with Al Jolson, which contains a sound sequence. This new technology enabled Warner to obtain a special Oscar award for their important contribution to the development of cinema. The following year, the first film ever was entirely spoken.Daffy Duck, the daffiest duck to be shown in Italy
In the thirties they offered a successful series of gangster films like Public Enemy, Little Caesar, and High Sierra with Humphrey Bogart. In addition they produced musical films in this period. In 1933, two of the most important musicals of the decade,42nd Street and Gold Diggers of 1933…
Starting from the thirties, Warner Bros. began, however, to produce the successful series of Looney Tunes cartoons, headed by some of the famous characters referred to earlier…

During World War II the film that became legend was made, Casablanca, 1942 by Michael Curtiz, with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.
In the fifties, A star is born, 1954 and the mythic James Dean’s Rebel without a cause, 1955.
The seventies must be remembered for: All the President’s men, 1976 by Alan J. Pakula and all the films of Stanley Kubrick, from Orange mechanics (A clockwork orange, 1971) onwards. International films today certainly have Warner Brothers to thank for the development of film.
Think of The Matrix, Harry Potter…The work of this legendary company has not only a remarkable importance money wise but also sentimentally, in the way it connects us with its characters. It is certainly not easy to sum up this mix of work, success and wonderful emotions.

Speedy Gonzalez - almost as fast as a train from TerminiToday, Warner, which now is part of the publishing group headed by the famous Time Magazine, has specialized in television production (WB Television).
And so… For my known or yet unknown friends who are reading this and are thinking about coming to this beautiful city I just wanted to tell you about this piece of life that is very near, not around the corner, but only two blocks away…from our hotel. So why not come to stay with us at Yes Hotel, near Termini Station, for the perfect getaway treat.


Please note: The Warner Bros office in Rome is not available for tourist visits.


Our blogger: Diana

Sport is undoubtely full of passion, pain and challenges and this description fits perfectly with what you are going to experience until December 28th , visiting the exhibition held in Museo di Roma, Trastevere, a historic building situated in Trastevere, Rome.  Usain Bolt - just one of the stars to be found at the Roman museum

The extraordinary selection of Reuters images at this exhibition will screen worldwide sport events in a rich collection dating from the millenium until the latest Olympic Games in Beijing, with a special section dedicated to the Italian olympic champions who won gold medals this year.

Athletics, skiing, soccer, martial arts and some other less famous sports appear in the list, representing a common effort to picture sport activities not only as an act of human heroism but also as a social vector of positive values.

Nelson Mandela once wrote: "Sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else can… sport can create hope… it is an instrument for peace,".

Reuters is an international news agency widely trusted to report breaking news. Some of its photos have become widely reputable, including one of the Italian football World Cup victory in 2006.


Diving into Trastevere, Rome - some of the greatest sport's photos

While in Rome to enjoy this exhibition, why not stay at our centrally located Hotel, Yes Hotel, with quick transport connections nearby to Trastevere? We’ll look forward to seeing you this Christmas.



Museo di Roma in Trastevere

Piazza di Sant’Egidio 1/b

From Roma Termini Station

– Go to the bus stops outside TERMINI

-  Take Bus Line H (DEI CAPASSO) for 5 stops

-  Get off at stop SONNINO/S. GALLICANO (H)

-  Walk 500 metres to Piazza Di Sant’Egidio, 1b

Opening hours

Tuesday-Sunday 10.00am-8.00pm;

24th and 31st December 10.00am-2.00pm

(the ticket office closes an hour in advance)


25th December