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The telescope, or how Galileo changed our point of view

galileo It’s incredible: just think that Galileo borrowed the idea of the telescope by small tubes equipped with lenses, a kind toy you could say. This was produced in Holland and Galileo found it in the streets of Venice around the year 1609. And so almost by accident was possible to confirm the revolutionary theories of Nicolaus Copernicus. Now humanity could look straight on the eyes the Milky Way. The striking revelation (or confirmation If you prefer): the Earth is not the center of the universe.

Here is the contribution of the Great Galileo to the human race: changing your point of view, changing the way we look at things (and the way we should look at ourselves).

Galileo telescopioFrom October 31st to January 6, 2010 will take place the exhibition ”The Galileo’s telescope. The tool that changed the world’’ will take place in Rome at the Palazzo Incontro. Opening hours from 10 to 19, every day except Monday. The exhibition displays l replicas of ancient instruments as well as important documents and manuscripts. It’s about a fascinating journey that allows us to know the strong connection between science, culture and religion during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The exhibition also shows the evolution of techniques for producing lenses and mirrors, glasses and dark rooms.

The Palazzo Incontro is located in Via dei Prefetti 22, easy to reach from our locations with the bus 492 arriving there in no more than 20 minutes. Check or for more information about our services and location.

Whitney Houston in Rome

Our Blogger: Jona

Whitney is back and on her way to Rome

Whitney is back and on her way to Rome

We all know the extraordinary voice of this American singer who has been active for  25 years now. To the delight of her many fans through her official website, has been officially confirmed the dates of the new tour of the legendary American singer, and we discover that, Whitney Houston will return to Italy after 11 years. The star of rhythm and blues will perform in Forum di Assago in Milan on 3 May 2010. After Milan, she will make a stop in the capital. The Palalottomatica Arena in Rome, the venue of many relevant concerts, will host this great concert on May 4, 2010 at 21.00, and the singer will propose to her affectionate audience a selection of her greatest hits and, of course, the songs from her latest album I Look To You already topped the charts world. “This is my first tour since the days of My Love is Your Love and I am very excited to perform in front of my loyal fans after all this time. I’m preparing a great show and I can not wait to sing the songs of my latest album “These are the words of Whitney Houston. After 25 years of career now, and making a come back after troubled years, Whitney Houston became an artist of great depth, a diva, a legend. One of the most successful female artists of all time, which has sold over 140 million albums worldwide and received 411 awards … and after so long, she is finally back in Italy.

Here at Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes, we will be more than happpy to have you as our guest and to show you the many marvels Rome has to show you.

Ticket prices: Parterre EUR 120.00 Grandstand Central 1 ° ring EUR 130.00 Grandstand Central 2nd ring EUR 110.00 1st and 2nd ring Lateral EUR 85.00 3rd Ring Central Euro 65.00 3rd Ring Side EUR 50.00

Ice skating in Rome!

Our Blogger: Katja.

Get ready to skate in the Eternal City.

Get ready to skate in the Eternal City.

You can get to the perfect Holiday spirit also in Rome ! Have you always wanted to slide gracefully over the ice without falling? This unfortunately takes lot of practice and won’t happen over night. You don’t have to be a professional to go with the flow and enjoy an unusual kind of fun also here in Rome!

One inside ice skating ring is already open and the outside ones will be opened by mid December. And they will be open until February or March. The outside ice skating rings you will find close to the city center, by Castel Sant’Angelo at Piazza Adriana is “Grizing Village” open everyday from 10 until 24, “Sottozero” near the Auditorium Parco della Musica, open mon-fri from 14 until 21, sat from 10 until 24 and sun from 10 until 21 and “Ice Park” at piazza Re di Roma open mon-fri from 14 until 24 and sat-sun from 10 until 24.

All of these placepattinare_sul_ghiaccio_a_roma_articolos they rent the skates as well. The inside skating ring “Iceland” is located at EUR, easily reached by metro B. Opening hours and other details can be checked at but during the weekdays the ring  is open for the public in the evenings and sat-sun for the whole day.!

Well, what are you waiting for? Now there will be nothing missing on you perfect Christmas and New Year vacation in Rome! If you are wondering about accomodation, check the websites of Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes, or drop us a line at and We’ll be more than happy to give you our best offer, either for our accomodation-only options or for our special packages for this season.

We Will Rock You the musical hits Rome

Our Blogger: Katja

WeWillRockYou [320x200]Italy had to wait this great spectacular for 7 years. But now on 11th – 21st of February 2010 its finally here in the Theatre Brancaccio! We Will Rock You, the musical has been a great success in Great Britain and other 14 countries where it has been performed.

We Will Rock You is set in the future, on a place once called Earth. Globalisation is complete. Everyone watches the same movies , wears the same clothes, and thinks the same thoughts. A safe, happy GaGa world. All music instruments are banned and a hero is needed …. Galileo the man is the one, but can he help them to Break Free??

A total of 24 Queen’s greatest hits will be heard during the show. Even though Freddie Mercury died in 1991 the legend surrounding the band has remained intact until today.

The original version of this musical is produced by Ben Elton, but the Italian version is Claudio Trotta’s production. The songs are sang in English with a live band but the dialogs are in Italian.

freddie-mercury-queen-band [320x200]

Theatre Brancaccio is located in the city centre of Rome on Via Merulana 244.To make or reservation or inquire about the prices you can call +39 06 85301758,ticket prices range from 22€ until 74.50€.

This musical will definitely Rock You and it will give you an unforgettable evening with the some of the greatest songs in the history of Rock! Stay at Hotel Des Artistes Rome or Yes Hotel Rome and get the best of the city at the most copetitive rates!

Michelangelo, architect of Rome

Our Blogger: Wanda

On October 5 th 2009, in Rome will be inaugurated the exhibition “Michelangelo Buonarroti Designs in Rome”, at the Capitoline museums.

A beautiful collection, divided into seventeen sections and 105 works thanks to which is possible to follow the architectural production of Michelangelo in the Eternal City, a group of works that are among the most beautiful and characteristic of the city.

The exhibition goes from the architectural planning of the Basilica of St. Pietro to Vatican (1547 -1564), to the of the Sistine Chapel (1508 -1512), with the world-famous frescoes of the Creation and the Universal Judgment.

“Michelangelo, architect in Rome” is curated by Mauro Mussolin and Pina Ragionieri , was conceived by the Foundation House Buonarroti and has been organized by the association cultural Metamorphosis under the patronage of the president of the Republic.

Interested on art? Then it’s only fitting to stay at Hotel Des Artistes; we’ll be more than happy to help you to enjoy the best of Rome!

Address: Piazza del Campidoglio, 1
Zona: Rione Campitelli (Foro Romano- Campidoglio-P.Venezia) (Rome center)
opening time: Martedì-Tusday – Domenica-Sunday -from :10.00-20.00 – Chiuso-Closed on Monday- Lunedì.
Tickets: 8 euro
Phone: +39 06 0608


“Hey, I put some new shoes on,
and suddenly everything is right,
I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody’s smiling,
it so inviting,
Oh, short on money,
but long on time,
slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine,
and I’m running late,
and I don’t need an excuse,
’cause I’m wearing my brand new shoes”.

I guess everybody remembers “ New shoes “ a song which has been on the hit parade for a long time.

Its author, Paolo Nutini, whose great grandfather was Italian, was born in Paisley, Scotland in 1987, and he started singing at a young age. He’s a case of predestination. In fact, once his fellow citizen, David Sneddon who won the BBC Fame Academy format fortunately or unfortunately didn’t arrive to play a concert to celebrate his victory. Paolo substituted him then and a manager decided to invest on him.

The particularity of this career it’s that we can consider him  the first internet singer. In fact people kat the beggining knew him from order passed by word of mouth.

Apart from “New shoes”, other hits under Paolo’s belt are “These streets” and “Jenny don’t be hasty”.

“Sunny side Up” it’s his new lp, released on June 2009.

During November Paolo will be visiting the homeland of his ancestors, and will offer three concerts. One of them will take place in Rome- An opportunity to have a great time and enjoy live one of the most promising young talents in popular music. If you’re visiting Rome on november don’t miss the chance to see Paolo, and to stay at Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes, your best options for accomodation in Rome!

The Italian  tour:
Thursday 26th, November – Milan @ Alcatraz
Friday 27th, November – Florence @ Saschall
Saturday 28th, November – Roma @ Atlantico

Via Sannio Street Market: clothing and then some

Our Blogger: Arianna

While people are visiting Rome is not unusual that they ask for a shopping centre where to buy clothes and souvenirs. Unfortunately (or fortunately) inside the city we don’t have such big mall; they are located quite far and sometimes it’s not so simple to reach those areas using the public transportation.

But in the city there it’s possible to visit free open markets where you’ll find many bargains- maybe not brand clothing but there, besides getting a good price you’ll get as well a glimpse into the most picturesque romanity.

The most famous street market one is Porta Portese but it’s open only on Sundays. During week days your best option is Via Sannio, where you’ll find cheap clothes, past seasons stock, military articles, camping, hunting and fishing stuff.

This market is actually open every day from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm and it’s closed on Sunday.Most of the stands from Via Sannio in fact moved on Sunday to the Porta Portese market.

Some curiosities: generally in Sannio street you can buy the “ brand clothes” with substantial discounts in comparison with the usual prices but be careful: in fact most of the things you see there are actually good imitations of famous designer’s ideas.

But not everything is counterfeit, on Via Sannio you’ll find too many second-hand things: a great chance to get a vintage piece of wardrobe that will add a unique touch to your look.

What might be special for foreign tourists is the atmosphere of this tangle of stands: colours, voices and characters who live together inside this small world.

Some colourful characters you can meet at Via Sannio are: the tree of junk, Sylvan the dirty, Gino the musician, Joao the Philippin, Mustafa the optician, Ric and Jan the leather-goods dealers, Mara the seller of sleepers, Fidel the revolutionary, Lella the ragwoman, Tarcisio the infamous, Jimmy the graphic artist, Ahmed and Anal the Libyans, the crazy hatter, Max the business man.

For more information about this peculiar urban celebrities you can check out :

Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel are the best in accomodation in Rome. The knowledgeable staff and the high standards of service will make your stay in the Eterna City memorable, and their great location will allow you to explore many hidden angles of the “real” Rome, like the market in Via Sannio.

Directions: from Termini station line A until San Giovanni in Laterano and then you’ll see it just on the corner.

Ottobrata Romana: Rome’s October Fest

October has traditionally been a month of celebrations and merry-making for Rome and its surrounding towns. The end of the harvesting season was received with wine-fueled partying on the steady rhythm of traditional tunes. The Ottobrata Romana Music Festival takes its cue from this glorious past and presents a series of concert that tries to preserve the spirit of the traditional October festivals. This year’s line-up features some of the grooviest and most influential world music ensembles such as Kocani Orkestar (Macedonia) and Orchesta Popolare Italiana (Apulia, Italy).

Kocani Orkestar has built its reputation on an intense mixture of traditional Balkan fanfare music with modern elements. Their live performances are much like their music: always over the top, almost overwhelming, taking the spectator in a whirl of rhythms and tones. Not to be missed.

The Orchestra Popolare Italiana sees some of Italy’s finest musicians perform under the lead of Ambrogio Sparagna, one of the first and most innovative figures on the ever-growing scene of the taranta-revival. This concert will be an exclusive anticipation of the program that the ensemble will be presenting at the illustrious Copenhagen World Music Expo. The ancient traditions of southern Italian music with its trance-like rhythm and ritual dances meets Italy’s finest performers to deliver a rare experience.

To enjoy all the interesting things Rome has to offer make a reservation at Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes. Our staff will go out of their way to help you get the most of your holiday!

WHERE:     Auditorium Parco della Musica.

WHEN:       7 Oct. – Kocani Orkestar

                 8 Oct. – Orchestra Popolare Italiana

TICKETS:  15 euros. Reductions for people under 26 and over 60 years of   age.

Nero is burning to meet you at Anzio

-A new exhibition at Anzio, near Rome, gathers unique material from the Capitoline Museums and the British Museum to tell the story of one of the most famous Roman emperors.

Our Blogger: Marcelo

If while visiting Rome you feel like escaping from its bustling- crowd streets Anzio is a very good option. Anzio (called Antium in ancient times) is a small town, only one hour direct train from Rome or by car, by Via Nettunense (SS207) or Via Ardeatina (SS601).

A quiet beach, restaurants that will offer you fresh sea food and now a fantastic exhibition that describes one of the most controversial Roman Emperor.

Nero was born at Anzio in 37 D.C. His birthplace was the site of a magnificent imperial residence. Tyranny and extravagance are concepts almost automatically linked with his name, he is remembered as the emperor who fiddled while Rome burned. Nevertheless the study of Nero is complex. Nowadays modern historians question the reliability of ancient sources when reporting on account of his behavior.

Many interesting works of art have been found in this picturesque town : the Fanciulla d’Anzio , the Borghese Gladiator (Louvre Museum) and the Apollo Belvedere in the Vatican were all discovered in the ruins of villas at Anzio.

The Exhibition "Anzio and Nero – Treasures from the British Museum and the Capitoline Museums" will take place in the The Museo Civico Archeologico of Anzio. Free admission!!! It will be open every day from 10:30 to 12:30 and from 16:00 to 19:30 (until 16 January 2010). So you can have a look at the extraordinary finds from the villa and other residences, scattered memories that will provide a clue about the man who ordered the execution of his own mother, and at the same time has been successful in diplomacy and trade during his rule.

One of the hit-points of the exhibition is the bronze statuette depicting a young emperor. It is assumed to be Nero. It was discovered in England near a Roman settlement in the first century AD and kept at the British Museum.

For further information you can send an email to or Check our availability at or We are located only two steps from the train station, from where you get the train to Anzio. We hope you’ll enjoy it!


-An upcoming exhibition will open a window to the universe in the Eternal city.

Our Blogger: Marcelo.

When you come to Rome, you are looking for answers. Rome is romantic, is exciting and full of life. It gives you a clue about our origin. It tells us something about how our civilization came to be. That is why is one of the most wonderful adventures. It’s a chance to discover ourselves. It tells us who we are and where are we coming from.

You may want to go deeper right to the Big Questions. Why not? Big questions regarding not only our society but Universe itself. Now in Rome you can find that answers too.

What is the origin and destiny of the Cosmos?

What are the Matter and Dark Energy, which occupy most of our Universe?

Are there parallel worlds?

What is exactly a black hole?

Tracking back all the sings coming from the most remote places in space and time. The whole Universe is sending us a message and technology give us the chance to grasp it.

This is what ‘’Astri e Particelle. Le Parole dell’Universo’’ (meaning ‘’Stars and Particles. The words of the Universe’’) is about .  this incredible exhibition will take place at the Palazzo delle Espozioni in Rome from 26th October 2009 to 14th February 2010.

Special effects in two and three dimensions. Gardens of galaxies displayed in all their beauty before your eyes. Information regarding many experiments related to light, gravity and basic particles. A glimpse of the great achievements of science.

If you feel like understanding and feeling the beauty of the Great Mystery, visit it.

The Palazzo delle Esposizione is located in Via Nazionale, 194. In the centre of Rome. Tickets are available from 7,00 euros to 15 euros. Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: from 10:00 to 20:00, Friday and Saturday: from 10:00 to 22:30, Monday closed (it could change, check by phone first).

Our locations are very near to this exhibition. Check or and make a booking today to enjoy everything Rome has to offer.

For further information:                                                                                                                               +39 06489411, +39 0668301087 (fax).