Me at Civita di bagnoregio at Easter time

Our Blogger: Arianna

Have you ever been to Civita di bagnoregio? No? Then let’s go on an adventure together…

In my recent post I told you about Calcata, the “dying village�, which the government decided to rebuild in a different place because it laid completely on dangerous volcanic rock.

What happened to Civita was almost the same. In fact, the village lies on a steep volcanic rock, which is apparently risky because two gorges were built between it.

Like all the towns in the province of Viterbo, this area was inhabited by the Etruscans but rocks have been found which the link the area back to the stone age.

If you do a quick search on the internet you will be able to find a lot more information about this so I’m just going to write about my own personal experience in this magical place.

I went to Civita earlier this year on Easter Monday and spent the first part of the day visiting Bomarzo and the monster park. However, because the weather was bad (a bit cold and rainy) I didn’t stay there a long time. Ascending the hill - the beautiful Civita di bagnoregio

On the way back to Rome, still in the daytime , my friends and I decided to see the famous “dying� village.

First of all I have to point out that today the village is divided in two parts: the new part is actually called Bagnoregio and Civita is the original.

I parked the car at the front of Bagnoregio and I took the bus that brings you very close to the big pedestrian bridge that joins the two parts. The bridge was built only a few years ago and is the only way to reach the medieval area.

In fact, as I explained in my last post, a lot of wealthy people decided to rebuilt the ancient village and buy a small house in the suburb. It now costs much more in respect of the past.

Crossing the bridge is an unusual experience because you feel as if you are arriving at something that really belongs to another age. A small curiosity: Civita today has a population of just eight people.

Inside the village, you can find small café’s, wine cellars, and even restaurants where you can try pasta with medieval sauce.

The view is wonderful: eroded mountains and blue sky – and the most important thing: no cars!!!

Christmas is very close. In Civita a real nativity is held with 50 actors recreating the holy scene… Don’t miss it. And with Hotel Des Artistes so ideally placed near Termini station your journey can be easily planned.

How to get there

From Hotel des Artistes: Go to Termini station (5 minutes), and take a train to Viterbo. From there, take the Viterbo Cotral bus until Bagnoregio.