Our Author: Nic Brun


Perhaps it was the lipstick she put on everyday. Perhaps it was the electric blonde hair that took hours to style. Or perhaps it was just the shining glint in her eye.

Whatever it was, it caught the attention of New York photographer Sam Shaw enough to make him produce some of the most iconic photos of 1950s film.

His pictures of Marilyn Monroe went on to become perhaps, the most famous ever taken.

And this month the stills are being shown in Rome at a special photographic exhibition.

Many of the 140 pictures taken by Shaw even went unpublished, as he was given regular access to the blonde bombshell during his career.

Some of his pictures paint a serene, peaceful Marilyn, who was often solely seen as a unique American sex symbol by the public.

Funnily enough, it had been Shaw who came up with the idea to place Marilyn above a steam gate in the photo used to promote the film, Seven Year Itch.

The photo depicts her standing on the grate when a burst of air vents upwards, blasting her skirt around her waist. This depiction of pure sex is in stark contrast to his later photos of the blonde beauty.

Shaw had met Marilyn on the set of Viva Zapata around 1952 and was said to have been taken back by her very presence. He had already produced an iconic photo of Marlon Brando standing by a pool table in the film, Life and Look.

He also went on to photograph Marilyn alongside several friends, most of whom were not famous. Shaw is said to have worked so closely with his son, Larry, towards the end of his career, that some of the photos cannot be attributed individually to either.

The exhibition takes place until November 23 at the Margutta Ristorarte restaurant, Via Margutta. Do not miss this great opportunity while you will be visiting the Eternal City of Rome, visit me at family run, nice and cosy Lucci Hotel in Rome, so that I give you indications on how to enrich your cultural adventures in this spectacular city.


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