Gladiator’s Tomb is found!

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What can be surprising when it comes to talk about evidence of the past one could find in Rome ?

You might remeber that film (see the picture)…Yes, that one. Russel Crowe was named Maximus Decimus Merida, but that was not the real name of the Gladiator. 

A great discovery was made recently in Rome by a group of Archeologists! The tomb of the Roman commander who inspired the Gladiator of Ridley Scott, a magnificent funerary monument that came to light on the Via Flaminia, in the Eternal City.

The inscription discovered in the marble mauseoleo, give the name of Marcus Nonius Macrinus, the soldier Roman patrician, who would be named many centuries later as Maximus Decimus Merida, the heroe with the face Russel Crowe, to fight in the arena..
The archaeologist of the Superintendence of Rome, Daniela Rossi announced in a press conference at the headquarters of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage this "exceptional discovery" this month. "It’s been at least twenty or thirty years since pieces of such importance were found in Rome"

image The monument is located close to Vitorchiano street and was discovered by chance during the construction of a building. The works had been stopped immediatly.
It is remarkable not only because of the beauty of the pieces considered individually , with fragments finely decorated, but also for the fact mentioned by Daniela Rossi: ‘’It is possible to recreate the whole monument. The tomb has been kept almost intact, this was produced by the action of the silt of the Tiber, the tomb had been covered by a flood’’.

So this flood, almost two thousands years ago, give us now in the present the chance to know a little bit more about the life of Mister Marcus Nonius Macrinus.

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Do not miss this opportunity and visit this tomb, once you are in Rome.

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