Lazio’s Pearl- SUTRI

Our Author: Rhodora

BiganzoliSutriAnfiteatroSutri is a town in the province of Viterbo, about 50 km from Rome. The area in which Sutri is situated is widely known as TUSCIA. It is picturesquelly situated on a narrow tuff hill, surrounded by ravines, a narrow neck on the west alone connecting it with the surrounding country. 

Starting at the foothills of the village, the ancient amphitheater is among the sites of Sutri that may be of interest to history buffs, archeology lovers and tourists looking for a sightseeing adventure. From the outside you can see that the exterior of the amphitheater has no exact architectural structure. Like many ruins left from the Etruscan people, the structure was carved out of a giant volcanic rock. Entering the gates, you can see a round grassy floor encircled by levels of eroded seats and a tunnel with ten openings that surround the inner base of the amphitheater.

Just outside of the ampitheater are 60 Etruscan tombs. These contained cremated remains. Look closely, however, and you will see channels which drained the blood of sacrificial bulls, practised by later Mithraic cults imported from Persia.

Like many villages in Lazio, Sutri holds seasonal festivals to celebrate diverse themes such as the fall harvest and religious commemorations. Widely known in the region for having a cream of the crop bean production, Sutri holds an annual sagra or festival of the beans on the second Sunday of September. The walkways of the village fill with people from the surrounding villages to sample the year’s harvest, listen to traditional music and to watch parades of floats and religious relics.normal_sutri_piazza_v2 Do not miss an opportunity to visit magic Sutri. Our cosy hotel YES HOTEL, which is located is just behind the main railroad station, is a perfect place for your further trips in Lazio and Italy! Book with us and enjoy terrific Italian Autumn.