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Lazio’s Pearl- SUTRI

Our Author: Rhodora

BiganzoliSutriAnfiteatroSutri is a town in the province of Viterbo, about 50 km from Rome. The area in which Sutri is situated is widely known as TUSCIA. It is picturesquelly situated on a narrow tuff hill, surrounded by ravines, a narrow neck on the west alone connecting it with the surrounding country. 

Starting at the foothills of the village, the ancient amphitheater is among the sites of Sutri that may be of interest to history buffs, archeology lovers and tourists looking for a sightseeing adventure. From the outside you can see that the exterior of the amphitheater has no exact architectural structure. Like many ruins left from the Etruscan people, the structure was carved out of a giant volcanic rock. Entering the gates, you can see a round grassy floor encircled by levels of eroded seats and a tunnel with ten openings that surround the inner base of the amphitheater.

Just outside of the ampitheater are 60 Etruscan tombs. These contained cremated remains. Look closely, however, and you will see channels which drained the blood of sacrificial bulls, practised by later Mithraic cults imported from Persia.

Like many villages in Lazio, Sutri holds seasonal festivals to celebrate diverse themes such as the fall harvest and religious commemorations. Widely known in the region for having a cream of the crop bean production, Sutri holds an annual sagra or festival of the beans on the second Sunday of September. The walkways of the village fill with people from the surrounding villages to sample the year’s harvest, listen to traditional music and to watch parades of floats and religious relics.normal_sutri_piazza_v2 Do not miss an opportunity to visit magic Sutri. Our cosy hotel YES HOTEL, which is located is just behind the main railroad station, is a perfect place for your further trips in Lazio and Italy! Book with us and enjoy terrific Italian Autumn.

Big Bang Exhibition in Rome


In the beginning…

imageThere was a big “explosion” which filled the entire space and generate the Universe. That’s according to the model of the Big Bang Theory. The Theory however describes how it is growing the Universe, not as it commences. 

That is to be considered the unsolved mistery of misterys, along the history the human race tried different explanations for it, but we are now just at the beginning point to have it.


The very beginning (who is taking the photograph?)

Recently, in an underground laboratory, buried a hundred meters below the border between France and Switzerland, scientists developed the greatest, ambitious and expensive scientific testing of all times- CERN, using a collider, the biggest and most imagecomplex machine ever built (with the cost of more than €6bn). It has been 14 years in the making to recreate the conditions in the seconds after the ‘Big Bang’ that created the universe.

The experiment gas been developed only in its firt phase, the whole idea is interesting, its aim more than exciting but there are opponents to the experiment, that declared that this way of unlock secrets about the universe and its origins can be dangerous, for it will create little black holes with enough power to destroy the entire planet.

What can we do? First: relax and keep cool, remember 1910 and the comet, nothing happened at last so don’t worry. Second: if you visit Rome there is an interesting art exhibition about the beginning of the universe that mixes science and art to give more a sensation than an explanation on the matter.


The creation, as from Michelangelo’s point of view.

The birth of pure form and the idea of form in motion, psychedelic cosmology , the planets, galaxies and the explosion, representations of a Newtonian universe and its universal symbols of power, the uncontrolled chaos before creation,. the light as a metaphor of the moment of passage from life to death, shown as that energy that is released from a body that loses the breath of life, etc. These are only some examples of the imagesubjects you will find in the exhibition.

So now you have something more to do in Rome from June 26 to October 19, Get a picture of the work of Four American artists who have never exhibited in Rome before: Peter Halley (remember the comet) Ross Bleckner , James Turrell, Robert Long, and the Italians Domenico Bianchi Alberto Di Fabio, and Mario Dellavedova and the artist Shahzia Sikander from Pakistan.

The exhibition is the sponsored by Assessorato of the Cultural Policies of the City of Rome with the organization of Zètema Project Culture, edited by Gianni Mercurio.

It will take place in the Museo Carlo Bigotti, the address is ‘’Aranciera’’ of Villa Borghese in Viale Fiorello La Guardia . Get more info by calling at: +39 06 0608 from 9:00 to 22:30 or visiting the official site , the price is 4 / 6 euro. Book our neat and cosy Hotel- YES HOTEL, and enjoy your scientific and art exposure to universal values in Rome.

Researchers’ night – FRASCATI


The Reasearchers’ night is an event organised in the framework of the Week dedicated to the Science (22th – 27th September) and it will be held on September 26th, from 4.00 pm until after midnight in Frascati, 20 kms south of Rome, along the Tuscolana. image

The project, involving 8 Italian regions and 40 European Sites, aims at fostering the knowledge of Science and Reasearch among the public and is promoted by some of the most outstanding Italian and European reasearch organizations, such as the CNR (National Research Council), Enea (Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy, Environment), along with the ESA (European Space Agency) and the INAF (National Institute of Astrophysics).

The Researchers’ night is a free Event to one of the most impressive manifestation, where a variety of shows is available and a series of extraordinary inventions is presented. For instance the artificial nose, recognizing the finest smells,  the plastic bags made out of tomatoes, the interactive Lego robots, a talking face called “Lucia” who can smile, cry and get moved and, least but not last, the refreshing jacket: a terrific idea for these hot summer days in Rome, isn’t it? And if you are craving for a promenade on the via Flaminia Antica or for a visit in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padoa? Here you can do it! Virtually, of course… image

The boring stereotype of the researcher being so fully immerged in their inventions and who gets no spare time left for fun and hobbies is simply over! Just an old cliché, as it’s shown in the section dedicated to the Researchers’ hobbies which include non professional music shows and chorus, games, sport activities, theatre and photographic exhibitions.

Thrilled by the idea but you think it’s too far away? If you book our lovely YES Hotel by the Central Station, then you will be able to take any of the direct trains, which leave from the main station of Termini and it will take just 20 minutes to get to Frascati.

For further information on Researchers’ Night, please visit:


imageThe Summer is almost gone, we are now enjoying an indian summer and  one might think that  all the fun and entertainment are gone too? No, not at all… September offers plenty of wonderful events and appointments for all the tastes. Tomorrow starts a great initiative for the Wine Lovers in Riofreddo, Lazio, just 1 hour away from Rome.

The appointment In Vino Veritas, usually takes place in the early autumn, is sponsored by the Cultural Association La Voce della Valechetta, with the assistance of Lazio Region and the Municipality of Riofreddo.
In addition to tasting for free 6 different quality of wines of Lazio, a craft marketplace and a eco-sustainability projects of different associations will be present at this initiative. There will be also a banquet run by the volunteers of COOPI Lazio, with handicrafts from the South and other testimonies on the activities of COOPI.  COOPI is the biggest non-governmental Italian Association, with humanitarian projects in almost 50 countries of the world. The programme of the Initiative is full of cultural enterntainment as well. You will listen to great music. So, just come to Rome this weekend, take a train to Riofreddo, and enjoy useful and pleasantful!!! Here is the programme of the Event for you:
Friday, September 5
Hours 18.00: Opening of barrels and of gastronomic stands
21.30 hours: RED RUSH in concert
23.00 hours: LAND WITHOUT in concert
Saturday, September 6
Hours 18.00: Opening of barrels and of gastronomic stands

Bacco 21.30 hours: VERBAMANENT in concert
23.00 hours: LE TARANTOLE in concert
Sunday, September 7
Hours 18.00: Opening of barrels and of gastronomic stands
21.30 hours: MYSTERY TRAIN BAND in concert
22.30 hours: Extracting lottery
Free Camping and Equipment

For info call: 340.3540337 – 347.9084474


For those who are in Rome and want to taste good wines, then you must try of the good wine bars in Rome

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